About the TEF Entourage

So, you reached this page.. Must mean you have been looking at our little website for quite some time. And I know what you’re thinking. All these great eyewear brands, but why haven’t I seen those famous brands that my cousin, his father and the baker around the corner are wearing. The Ray Ban’s and Oakley’s and Prada’s and such. Well.. I will tell you. All those brands (and many more from which you can also buy handbags and parfumes) are all made by the same big factory callled Luxottica, and basically they can glue any kind of logo on that precious frame you like so much. I hear you, “nah, thats not true!, I love those frames!”. Trust me, its true. Don’t believe me, watch this.

The TEF Entourage is a group of eyewear profesionals that love REAL eyewear. Eyewear that is designed by people with a strong passion for design, who dont just glue a logo on their frame, but want to create something from the heart, of superb quality that will last a lifetime. The eyewear influencers that we call “The TEF Entourage” are all eyewear professionals. Opticians, optical journalists or eyewear designers like myself. They write about great eyewear from their heart, with passion, and not because some big buck label pays them a ton of money to tell you these “Ray Ban’s” are the best thing you have ever seen. So without further ado, TEF Magazine is proud to present, our models; The TEF Entourage: 


Eyewear bloger at The Monocle Muse
Location: New York, USA

Amy roiland

Fashion blogger at A Fashion Nerd
Location: Los Angeles, USA

Anastasia Blagochevsky

Eyewear journalist at Eye Republic
Location:  Moscow, Russia

Erica McChesney

Eyewear bloger at BeautOptician
Location: New York, USA

Carole riehl

Eyewear blogger at Lunettes Ecologiques
Location: Paris, France

giulia de martin

Eyewear blogger at Behind My Glasses
Location: Trento, Italy

martin graf

Eyewear journalist at EyeCom Magazine
Location: Lake Constanz, Germany

jennifer bitsche

Eyewear blogger at Faceprint
Location: Austria

Patricia Vieites

Eyewear journalist at Lookvision PT
Location: Porto, Portugal

André Oliviera

Eyewear journalist at Mr Sunglasses Mag
Location: Lisabon, Portugal

maarten weidema

Eyewear journalist at TEF Magazine
Location: Amsterdam, NL

Arantxa Rey Ferro

Eyewear fashionista
Location: Galicia, Spain

Sarah Settgast

Eyewear designer
Location: Berlin, Germany

Sheena Taff

Eyewear blogger at Optician about town
Location: Vancouver, Canada

Stephanie Haenes

Owner at Art of Optiks
Location: Minneapolis, USA

Autianna Wilson

Eyewear blogger at Optical Goddess
Location: California, USA

chantal goldfinger

Eyewear blogger at By the Eyewear
Location: Sao Paolo, Brazil

Blaz Oberc

Eyewear designer
Location: Ljubjiana, Slovenia


Eyewear designer at Selima Optique
Next shooting: TEFdoesNYC
November 2019 – New York, USA

Sophia Visanji

Eyewear bloger at The Monocle Muse
Next shooting: TEFdoesNYC
November – New York, USA


Eyewear blogger at My Glasses & Me
Next shooting: TEFdoesLONDON

December 2019 – London, UK


Eyewear designer
Next shooting: TEFdoesBARCA
December 2019 – Barcelona, Spain


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TEF Magazine organizes two lifestyle shoots every month, promoting true independent eyewear brands that create their products with the same passion that we try to show it to you. Would your brand like to participate in one of these lifestyle eyewear shoots, reach out to us now at info@theeyewearforum.com