TEF Magazine organizes two lifestyle shoots every month, promoting true independent eyewear brands that create their products with the same passion that we try to show it to you. Would your brand like to participate in one of these lifestyle eyewear shoots, reach out to us now at or find the perfect match to showcase your collections below.

January 2021

Martin Graf

We don’t solely use bloggers to model in our shoots. Martin Graf is an Optical Journalist and founder of the German optical magazine EYECOM, which gets distributed to 13.400 optical stores in the DACH area. Through our collab, many TEF shoots are also published in this printed magazine.

Martin lives in both Florida, USA and on the Swiss border near Lake Constanz and can be booked to shoot at both places.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Martin for January 2021

Sheena Taff

Sheena was born with optical genes as a child of 2 opticians. As an Optician herself she owns a second generation independent optical boutique.

On her blog Optician About Town, she shares her love of all things eyeglasses, fashion, beauty in her life as an Optician, while being a cheerleader for independent business.

Sheena models in our lifestyle shoots in Vancouver, Canada.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Sheena in Januari 2021

Johnathan Underwood

Johnathan is an ophthalmic optician from Memphis, Tennessee, who runs Eclectic Eye. He recently was awarded “Person of the Year” in the 2020 edition of the Focus Awards, which sounds pretty optical, but is actually an
award for LGBT+ persons who are making a significant impact on the LGBT community. Johnathan would like to display the same devotion, to support independent eyewear.

Johnathan models in our lifestyle shoots in Memphis, Tennessee.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Johnathan for January 2021

February 2021

Emma Roberts

Emma is our blogging Optical Dispenser from down-under. Besides her optical job at Glenn Howell Optometrist in Hamilton Australia, she runs the blog The Eyewear Girl to empower consumers to question and start to understand what their options are when it comes to purchasing eyewear.

Emma models for our lifestyle shoots in Portland, Australia.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Emma for February 2021

Jennifer Chinn

Dr. Jennifer Chinn is an optometrist who contributed to several industry trade publications such as Women in Optometry Magazine and Vision Monday. She was named one of EyeCare Business Magazine’s 2019 Game Changers in the Optical industry. She is an avid advocate for eyecare and eyewear and runs the instagram page Dr.ChinnChinn.

Jennifer models in our lifestyle shoots in San Diego.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Jennifer for February 2021

March 2021

Athena Brasfield

Dr. Brasfield  has been a practicing optometrist since 2007, and is the President and CEO of Coachella Valley Optometry, a busy full scope optometry clinic in Southern California. On her blog and Instagram page you’ll find eye-related medical information, and posts on eyeglasses, fashion, beauty and travel- a sneak peek into her life as a private practice owner, optometrist, community leader, wife, and mom.  

Athena models in our lifestyle shoots in California.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Athena in March 2021

Carole Riehl

Carole is an optician from the Paris region and all about sustainability. Being part of the “Greener family”, she is a true ambassador for ecologically made eyewear. She created the eco eyewear blog Les Lunettes Ecologique as well as the sustainability movement Optics For Good, to create more transparency in the acquisition of raw materials and production of eyewear.

Carole models in our eco special lifestyle shoots in Paris, France.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Carole in March 2021

Annaliese Dayes

Although some of you might recognize Annaliese from “British Next Top Model”, or maybe “Americas Next Top Model, British Invasion”, I personally know her from being the dancer and presenter of 100% Optical London. She is a true fashionaholic, especially when it comes to eyewear. She presents numerous events, making her a perfect model for a TEF shoot.

Annaliese models in our lifestyle shoots in London, England.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Annaliese for March 2021

Marilyn de Beurs

Marilyn is a brand new optician with tons of modelling experience. Her love for writing and photography, combined with her newly found passion for eyewear, make her an amazing model for our lifestyle shoots. She runs the instagram account house of olive.

Marilyn models in our lifestyle shoot in Alkmaar, The Netherlands.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Marilyn in March 2021

April 2021

Elizabeth Yeowart

Elizabeth is a practising optometrist who lives on the edge of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, and a columnist for Optometry Today. Her blog, What Lizzy Loves looks at life and style with a particular focus on eyewear, but also on outfit and style posts, beauty reviews, restaurant reviews and her trips and travels.

Lizzy models in our lifestyle shoots in York, England.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Lizzy for April 2021

Mariam Aslami

Mariam is an eye doctor from Los Angeles, who run the Instagram page The Modern Optometrist, which brings eye care awareness to the public, promotes a healthy lifestyle and shares some scrubs fashion.

For TEF, she will be showing our audience how to combine some great independent eyewear with on-trend fashion in the streets of LA.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Mariam April 2021

May 2021

Adam Ramsey

Adam is the Optometric Socialite, owner of Socialite Vision, co-creator of Black Eyecare Perspective and Stylist of ethnicity eyewear. He is the author of “play chess, not checkers”, the practical guide to warm start your dream optometric practice. You will find him adding flavor to any national event, giving lectures are taking part of panels.

Adam models in our lifestyle shoot in beautiful Palm Beach, Florida.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Adam for May 2021

Elise Gabrielle Kramer

Elise is an optometrist from Miami, who runs both Weston as Miami Contact Lens Institute. She loves to play the piano and speaks fluently in six languages.

Besides being a musician, she writes professionally on everything related to contact lenses on her blog Miami Contact Lens.

Elise models in our lifestyle shoots in Miami, Florida.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Elise for May 2021

June 2021

Siu-Yin Shing

Siu is an eyewear trend spotter from London, who worked for reputable trend agencies over the years. Through her optical blog My Glasses and Me, she works with various brands on collaborations and different social media and digital campaigns.

Siu models in our lifestyle shoots in London and occasionally her birth town of Hong Kong. She is the ideal model for asian-fit eyewear but can rock some regular shapes just as well.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Siu for June 2021

Erika McChesney

Erika is Director of Legal Recruitment at Special Counsel and Certified Optician at Eyecare Plus Scottsdale. She runs the eyewear blog BeautOptician to inspire and motivate women to go after what they want, to feel beautiful in their own skin, to own who they are and be proud of themselves.

Erika models for our lifestyle shoots in Pittsburg, USA.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Erika for June 2021

July 2021

Elena Czarina

Elena is a 22-year-old, Russian born optician from Vancouver, who set her dreams of becoming a lawyer aside, for her newfound dream to become an optician. She is heavily into photography and writes about her passion on eyewear in her blog, which drew her in so hard that she can’t really see herself doing anything else in the near future but this!

Elena models in our lifestyle shoots in her hometown Vancouver, Canada.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Elena for July 2021

Jasmine Martirosian

Jasmine is a 29 years old optician-optometrist from Brussels, Belgium. She enjoys her job, helping people see better, be in style and always on fleek. As you can see in her shoots for TEF, she certainly takes her own advice at hand!

She runs the eyewear addict Instagram account Jasmine Eyewear.

Jasmine models in our lifestyle shoots in and around Brussels, Belgium

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Jasmine for July 2021

TEFdoesBRUSSELS - Jasmine

Radoslaw Wiktorowicz

As an optometrist and eyewear blogger, Radek sees glasses as an important part of the image and an intriguing phenomenon that has created a new field in fashion. His blog Ghosteye is his take on everything that can be associated with the subject of eyewear as exclusive, elite and quirky items. It is a place of inspiration for those who follow news and trends in eyewear fashion.

Radek models in our lifestyle shoots in his hometown in Poland.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Radek for July 2021

August 2021

Paticia Vieites

As Executive Director of the Portuguese printed magazine MillionEyes, Patricia is a well-known face within the optical arena. And while capturing the life of an athlete in a fitness bikini every day, she engages with the discipline of every top athlete.  All to take the title of national champion in the master’s category in 2019. The sky is the limit!

Patricia models in our lifestyle shoots in beautiful Porto, Portugal.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Patricia for August 2021

TEFdoesPORTO - Patricia Vieites

Prinal Patel

Prinal is an optometrist from London, who was recently won the prestigious “AOP Awards 2020 Locum of the Year”. Being a locum optometrist allows her to work in a variety of areas within optometry and expand her career portfolio. And while she loves to travel, this position fits around that very well. Modelling for TEF in London, could be seen as the cherry on the cake.

Prinal models in our lifestyle shoots in London, England.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Prinal for August 2021

September 2021

Anastasia Dyuzhenkova

Anastasia is co-founder of Ochki Boutique, one of the most fashionable optical stores in Moscow. She runs her eyewear blog Nastya I Ochki on Instagram, where she shares her passion for amazing eyewear and is a regular contributor to the printed Russian magazine EyeRepublic, which is a partner of TEF Magazine.

Anastasia models in our lifestyle shoots in Moscow, Russia.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Anastasia for September 2021

Ebiye Beedie

As a London based optometrist, stylist and blogger, Beedie loves to share her personality and passion through eyewear blog Beedie On Eyewear. She invite her audience to delve into the world of quality eyewear, hoping to inspire them to try new frame styles and shed light on independent brands. 

With a love of creating and editing, I capture my favourite eyewear pieces in both photo and  film, which sounds perfect for a refreshing TEF shoot.

Beedie models in our lifestyle shoots in London, England.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Beedie for September 2021

October 2021

Chantal Kopenhagen Goldfinger

Chantal is the eyewear expert for Vogue Brazil and frequently seen on Brazilian television. She is an advisor to brands and individuals seeking to know more about eyewear and constantly travelling to major eyewear trade shows to bring back exclusive and tailor made content for her clients and for her blog By The Eyewear.

Chantal models in our lifestyle shoots in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Chantal for October 2021

Maarten Weidema

Maarten is the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world, when it comes to blogging about eyewear. As founder of TEF Magazine, he has received numerous awards, like “international Optical personality of the year”, “Social Media Company of the Year” and “Leading Innovator in Optical Social Media Marketing” and various awards for Best Eyewear Blog.

Maarten models in our lifestyle shoots in Haarlem and Amsterdam, NL.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Maarten for September 2021

November 2021

Jasmin Teichtmeister

Jasmin is a certified Personal Stylist from the London College of Style. In 2015, she founded Pur Style after working in creative agencies for different fashion and design clients. She is the go-to pick for a perfectly styled TEF shoot.

While living in both Vienna and Barcelona, Jasmin is able to do lifestyle shoots in both those beautiful cities.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Jasmin for November 2021

Jennifer Bitsche

Jennifer is an optical entrepreneur and eyewear blogger from Austria. Together with her husband, she runs several successful optical boutiques, showcasing amazing independent eyewear. She has been running her eyewear blog Faceprint, as a source of inspiration in the field of eyewear & fashion, writing about the latest trends, and other things related to glasses

Jenny models in our lifestyle shoots in Bludenz, Austria.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Jennifer for November 2021

Kayla Ashlee

Since 2006 Kayla has sought out ways to enhance the magic of our industry. Finding a passion for optics as an optician, she began incorporating her business and marketing education into her love of optics. With SPEXY she has patented her frame board creation, became an international optometric speaker and created an online portal for opticals to access education.

Kayla models in our lifestyle shoots in beautiful Boise, USA.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Kayla for November 2021

Harbir Sian

Harbir is an award-winning optometrist from Vancouver, Canada who has written many blogs; started multiple video series including For Your Eyes Only with and Chiasma; launched The 20/20 Podcast; traveled to South America and the Middle East to perform eye exams in underdeveloped areas; and been awarded Young Optometrist of the Year by the BC Doctors of Optometry.

Harbir models in our lifestyle shoots in Vancouver, Canada.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Harbir for November 2021

December 2021

Kristie Nguyen

Kristie is the Executive board member for Optometry Divas and Advisory Board member of COOKIE, a new Asian Pacific Optometry magazine. Apart from being an eyewear passionate, she runs the instagram page Your Skin Girl, where she combines amazing eyewear and eyecare with the best care of your skin.

Kristie models in our lifestyle shoots in Orlando, USA.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Kristie for December 2021

Mei Flemming

Mei is the founder and owner of Luminance Vision Optometry in Lafayette, California and believes that eye care should be a unique, memorable, and style-centric experience.. She is passionate about eye health, eyewear fashion, and entrepreneurship, and writes with passion about all of this on her blog Eye Like Fashion.

Kayla models in our lifestyle shoots in San Francisco.

Book a TEF lifestyle shoot with Mei for December 2021

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