Laibach & York // Luxury, extravagancy and an explosion of colours

Kayla is wearing one of her favourite frames with an extravagant finishing. It’s the Ottawa from the eyewear brand Laibach & York, which has a strong connection to both Slovenia and Canada, and both their capital cities.

Laibach & York Ottawa (2)
Laibach & York Ottawa (5)
Laibach & York Ottawa (8)
Laibach & York Ottawa (3)

Connection was the guidance of their design team, when creating this art piece. Connection between explosion of colours, luxury and extravagance. That is also why they named this beautiful frame after Canada’s capital city. Rideau Canal, a world heritage site, connects Ottawa and Kingston.

Laibach & York Ottawa (13)
Laibach & York Ottawa (12)
Laibach & York Ottawa (11)
Laibach & York Ottawa (1)

Ottawa is part of their Capital collection, and is available in eight beautiful colours; Charcoal, Khaki, Grape, Pine, Candy Red, Cappuccino , Bubblegum, Caribbean Blue.

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And if that wasn’t enough, they also made transparent limited edition with real 24k gold leaves laminated into the clear acetate, which is part of their Rare Collection.

The capital collection is the heart of Laibach & York. These frames are all named after capital cities around the world. With an explosion of colours, it’s made with love for every personal style, women and men.

Laibach & York Ottawa (9)
Laibach & York Ottawa (11)
Laibach & York Ottawa (6)
Laibach & York Ottawa (10)

The Capital collection will fly your style to the next attractive or elegant level. It will make you unique. All these frames are also available in an Ultra Rare edition, which are made in limited series.

About Laibach & York:

Laibach & York was founded in 2013 and has been bench-crafting eyewear for high-profile clients ever since. Founder Blaž Oberč, is an industrial designer with a master’s in eye optics. With a feeling for great design, he perfected his own skill in creating high-end eyewear.

Their goal is to make high-quality eyewear accessible for everyone, with a superb design, high-quality manufacturing, and the best fit for your face. With their in-house design team and manufacturing facility, they guarantee excellent quality and provide trendy high-end eyewear.

Their massive stock of both vintage and new acetate, allows them to create eyewear in small quantities, which provides clients with the freedom of selecting their own L&Y frame in an amazing diversity of colours. By choosing only the best materials and parts, like Italian cellulose acetate, 3 & 5 barreled hinges and quadruple polishing for a stunning glossy finish, the end result is a perfect handmade frame, ergonomically designed for superior weight distribution. All created in their own manufacturing facility in Slovenia.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

Shooting: TEFdoesBOISE
Eyewear: 24k Gold Ottawa by Laibach & York
Model: Kayla Ashlee, optical trainer at Spexy

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