OGI Eyewear // Red Rose, Modern Fluidity

Dr. Jenn is wearing Caserta, a beautiful distinctive shape from the Red Rose collection of OGI Eyewear, which friendly brow and cat corner radiate personality. The acetate blended seamlessly within the metal profile, creates a clean transition of the two materials.


This handmade-in-Japan frame features OBE Injection Safety screws and has a roomier fit for perfect sizing. It’s available in two beautiful Havana colors with a rich depth:

OGI Eyewear - Red Rose - Caserta
OGI Eyewear - Red Rose - Caserta
OGI Eyewear - Red Rose - Caserta
OGI Eyewear - Red Rose - Caserta

With quintessential artistry, minimalist roots and architectural innovation Red Rose is a line of trend-setting standards. Attention to thin metals, fine lines and striking contours manifest the vision behind Red Rose. With an air-like quality and notes of luxurious industrious design, the meticulous details are unmistakable. The pure minimalism that narrates the story of Red Rose transcends inspiration and elevates this collection to a new caliber.


About OGI Eyewear

Founded in Minnesota in 1997 as an independent eyewear label, OGI Eyewear has always remained true to its original commitment — to support Independent Eye Care Professionals in the most imaginative and creative ways. The brand offers optical shops and independent Opticians more choice and freedom by carrying six unique eyewear collections: OGI, Seraphin, Seraphin Shimmer, Red Rose, OGI Kids and SCOJO New York. By emphasizing innovation, originality, quality and value, they have refined their vision to earn worldwide recognition, and consistently release new products — exclusive, trend-setting, and handcrafted premium fashion eyewear.

An experienced leader. A bold trendsetter. An eyewear fashion house with digital solutions to streamline the retail end of your business and keep you and your clients connected. OGI Eyewear has a clear vision of the road ahead, and we want to invest in that journey together.

Shooting: TEFdoesSANDIEGO
Eyewear: Red Rose “CASERTA” by OGI Eyewear
Model: Dr. Jennifer Chin, optometrist and eyewear blogger at Dr.ChinnChinn

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