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Radek is wearing a timeless aviator by Roveri Eyewear, featuring beta-titanium and multi-layered carbon fiber rings. Due to its carbon fiber construction, the RV018 is light, comfortable and strong, and the ring design is completely screwless, which highlights its subtle, iridescent marbling effect. Its acetate temples are available in matte gold or matte black.


The carbon fiber they use is the same used by some major watch brands and is obtained by cnc machining a multilayered carbon fiber block. It comes with a handmade leather case and both sunglasses and cases are made in Italy. Founded by Michele Claseri, Roveri Eyewear is inspired by luxury timepieces and fast cars.

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[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Michele Claseri” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”17″]After graduating from school, I dedicated the last decade to the automotive business, manufacturing, and designing strength-oriented in composite materials. I worked for Ferrari in Maranello in the F1 department, where I defined my passion for high-end products like watches, men’s accessories, and, of course, cars.


It was after moving to Los Angeles that I felt a strong urge to combine and apply everything that I had learned to create Roveri. I wanted to create a brand that includes history and values, from a place that is famous for elegance, class, the know-how to manufacture high standard products, and the idea of how the world should see a modern gentleman in the modern age.[/perfectpullquote]

The Italian know-how, also known as ”saper fare”, brings us to think about the main cities in Italy, like Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin, and Venice, and their well-established fashion brands. However, Italy hides gems in its territory, gems that only local or long-time travelers know about, like the city of Bergamo. The North Italian city gave birth to some of the most famous designers, stylists, chefs, and Italian entrepreneurs.

Divided into two, a lower and upper city, Bergamo is a timeless place that offers the most exclusive experiences in food, architecture, historical monuments, and fashion. Roveri is a brand that was born to illustrate a vision that I’ve had over the years. It is a modern representation of values, feelings, and traditions.

The eyewear district is in the Northeastern region of Italy. It provides all the components used for Roveri’s frames. The process of creating a structure for sunglasses which applies, for the first time, a machined multi-layered carbon fiber ring, a material seen in high-end watchmakers’ brands, took our eyewear designer, Carmelo Di Termini, a lot of effort and experience to sketch, design, and engineer the different material combination.

Working with titanium is hard as hell, and that is why we collaborated with one of the most famous titanium eyewear manufacturers to create a perfect high-quality frame. Even the acetate used is wholly made in Italy. It is built in sheets and then machine-processed to obtain the shiniest, plant-based cellulose acetate. The city of Bergamo is also famous for its many leather companies. Every Roveri case is stitched and embossed, using only premium Italian-cow leather. Can you smell the quality? Bring the case close enough to your nose and find out.

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Shooting: TEFdoesPOLAND
Eyewear: RV018 by Roveri Eyewear
Model: Radostaw Wiktorowicz, Eyewear influencer at Ghosteye

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