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Our Asia-fit model Siu-Yin is in Hong Kong, wearing this INVU frame which is tailor-made for the Asian market in Style and Fit. It has a unique metal/plastic combination and beautiful acetate tips with a special logo treatment. As all INVU frames, it features the INVU ultra-polarized lens for a clear vision and 100% UV 400 protection.


Many Asians still have issues finding a frame that will actually fit them. Their particular face type typically has a flatter nose bridge which is thinner at the top and then widens out towards the bottom, with higher cheekbones. Fortunately, more and more brands are aware of this “opportunity” and provide frames designed with specifically styled nose bridge, and slightly longer temples, providing a more stable 3-Point fit relationship to reduce nasal and temple pressure.


The larger nose pads improve nose bridge contour and offer better lens centration. With the consistent optical centration also comes less frame movement, and improved optical clarity. The flatter base curve and wrap angle shortens the vertex distance and is helpful for high-minus prescriptions.

Model Z1904 from the Asia Fit collection by INVU is also available in Rose Gold / Black and in a beautiful Gun / Burgundy:


About INVU:

The INVU ultra polarized brand was created to provide the best value for money worldwide. Unlike most fashion-focused brands that are positioned at Euro 100+ and offer little to no functionality, INVU offers great designs along with the high performing, INVU ultra polarized lens. Retailing at Euro 50 – 80, INVU offers unmatched value for consumers worldwide.

Their ultra polarized lens is the next generation in polarized lens technology. This unique nine-layer lens selectively filters out reflected glare and offers clear, glare-free vision with high contrast and exceptional color perception.

Shooting: TEFdoesHONGKONG
Eyewear: Z1904 by INVU eyewear
Model: Siu-Yin Shing of My Glasses And Me
Photography: Ben Summers

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