Lens colors

Sunglass lens colors

While many people choose sunglass lens colors purely for aesthetic reasons, did you know that different lens colors actually serve different purposes? The tint of your sunglass lenses can enhance your depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in different environments, improving your performance across a number of sports and activities.

Grey tinted lenses

A grey tinted lens has an all-purpose, natural tint that evenly transmits colour. Excellent for bright conditions, daytime driving, and everyday sports.

Green tinted lenses

These sunglasses lenses combine the functionality of a grey tint so can be worn for general purposes. They offer an even color perception, dim glare while brightening shadows and still provide a good contrast during low light conditions.

Brown tinted lenses

Brown tinted lenses absorbs a higher portion of blue light, especially when contrasted against green (grass) or blue (sky) backgrounds. The preferred choice of active wearers who move between bright and low (shadowed) environments, such as golfers.

Amber tinted lenses

Amber tinted lenses increase color contrast and visibility, and they are are the frontrunner when it comes to the perfect tint for overcast weather and indoor use. As if they don’t do enough already, yellow sunglasses improve depth perception, making them an ideal choice for hitting the slopes.

Blue tinted lenses

Besides its trendy and aesthetically pleasing features, a blue tinted lens helps to better define contours, reduces glare and will enhance your colour perception.

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