Morel // Renewed Iconic Models

If you are looking for a vintage look this summer, then these renewed iconic sunglasses by Morel should be on your list!

Since 1880, MOREL has harnessed its creativity to create hundreds of eyewear designs worldwide, contributing to the brand’s global reputation. Today, MOREL re-launches genuine replicas of models that put the company on the map in the 50’s.

At this time, MOREL sees great success in foreign markets, especially in the United States, where models like Cleopatra are all the rage!


The sunglasses in this collection ORIGINALE are perfect to enjoy vintage summer vibes. The sunglass versions are equipped with premium mineral lenses.

They will offer plenty of personality with added flair to complete your look.

For women, the trend lies toward butterfly shapes; daring and stunning designs for a feminine and refined elegance. When these models were first released, all the stars of the time wore them, and they became a must-have! Will you dare to adopt these fashionable frames for yourself?

For men’s sunglasses, their timeless acetates play on the thickness of the front face and temples. These designs, typical of the ’50s, offer an assertive and unmatched style.

Cateye frames are an integral part of the spirit of this signature collection. The sleek, deep acetates are magnified by a delicate addition of rhinestones at the brows, recalling the refined look of women of that era. This model is a replica of the world-famous Cleopatra frame.

In 1880, Jules Morel created his first pince-nez. 140 years later, Morel reinvented them with a contemporary twist. Refined and original, these frames are the testimony of history and eyewear know-how since 1880. Today, the French eyewear brand launches two reinterpretations of this iconic model.

The story of Morel begins in 1880, on the heights of the Haut-Jura National Park: the cradle of French eyewear. For four generations, Morel has been designing eyewear with passion and creativity.

The 1880 collection is inspired by the brand’s emblematic models and reinterprets designs at the heart of the trend.

Morel’s history is first and foremost that of a family passionate about their work as manufacturers of the eyeglasses they have designed and created since 1880.

The French brand is both creative and trailblazing, making its mark on the public through its iconic models sold in millions of copies throughout the world. 140 years during which the brand has never stopped perfecting its know-how, refining its technical skills and cultivating its creativity.

Today Morel owns the largest design center for eyeglasses in France. Artistic directors, designers, prototype makers and color specialists work hand in hand to design the eyeglasses of the future, from the initial idea to the finished product.

Read more about this amazing French brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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