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Colored metal has always been part of JF Rey‘s story, part of his DNA. Explored in compositions that are always surprisingly inventive, the metal tells an idea, a story that sets collections apart season after season and allows Jean-François Rey to express the full extent of his know-how. Each collection is the opportunity for a new artistic experimentation, a new challenge that is more a pleasure than a creative or technical challenge.

Keeping the imagination alive and taking everyone by surprising is the goal he achieves in particular through the use of bold colors and incredibly architectural constructions. An easily identifiable graphic power and visual strength come from the collection while challenging and characterizing the minimalist spirit of the frames. His very personal way of shaping metal, of structuring lines, imagining volumes or balancing colors opens up new perspectives in creation and allows the designer to offer innovative and modern alternatives, always featured into a great stylistic perfection.

Jean-François Rey is part of a claimed historical know-how in reference to contemporary architecture that he questions and sublimates for minimalist dazzling.

Simple minimalistic but decisive designs

This new collection introduces the idea of a committed vision in elegant and frankly assertive minimalism. It is driven by a desire for lightness, optimism, bold colors and creative, striking silhouettes. Nylor frames, semi-rimmed, or full-metal, the collection is as captivating as it is unexpected. It offers a wide variety of shapes and styles enhanced by new graphic combinations and ever more ingenious designs. Clean lines, graphic cutouts, architectural constructions or airy volumes are carefully considered in order to obtain the most beautiful graphic effect, the most surprising combination.

The sleek aesthetic of the frames conceals an extremely complex work which requires much technicality combined with a search for assemblies, geometric shapes and color charts that bring the models their exclusive identity. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum or titanium, the designer highly considers the origin of the materials, striving to be always more selective in order to use only the best qualities, the lightest, the finest and the most resistant and the most adaptable ones. He favors shaping of his frames in the workshops of the Jura, with in particular a colorization by hand and thus shows off the French manufacture of his newest collection.

Bold geometric shapes


The line OPPOSITE comes in a both sober and striking modernity. It proposes semi-rimmed designs standing out for their innovative architectural conception. The design features a perfectly mastering deconstruction of the front which plays with bold geometric shapes, audacious styling contrasts and all the different colors and subtle hues options. Expressive eyewear in pure minimalistic design, artistic expression, extreme fineness and lightweight.


Striking Steel/Aluminum construction


This steel-aluminium concept presents a new captivating experiment in lightness and contemporary minimalism. Its assertive look is expressed in the original design of the front which consists of the assembly of a colored aluminum piece on the top of the frames.

Highlighted eyebrows (JF2938, JF2940) or fashionable double-bridge (JF2939), the silhouettes highlight the richness of the graphic combination, contrasts of volumes, thicknesses and colors. Smallest details, in particular the thin and distinctive hinge singularize the models


Captivating architectural lines


New entry of eye-catching design which highlights the work of two-toned frames into intriguing architectural volumes and graphic superimposition of thin metal lines. The deceptive appearance of the front results from the folding and meticulous hand coloring of a piece of metal assembled on the frame to give the optical illusion of fine interwoven lines on the top. The design plays with angles and lines in beautiful aerial volumes and geometric constructions in a mesmerizing balance. A successful handcrafted line in ultra-fine stainless-steel and custom colorways.

Flawless minimalistic design


A meticulous design including well-balanced classical design achieved in contemporary touches of colors and flawless graphic compositions. The flowing lines (JF2921) or stricter ones (JF2922) are assembling horizontally on the front and come to structure the silhouette. Bi-coloration in lively or industrial codes bring a strong statement style. Flawless lightweight lines, minimalist aesthetics and elegant bold design.


Beautiful artistic colorations


A delicate assembly of cutouts metal pieces and selective colors on the top that subtly reveal the beauty of the design and the aerial elegance. The creative proposition comes with a very detailed work on the assembly of the top while focusing on colorful graphics contrasts, stylistic effects and refined aesthetic. The strength of minimalism in assertive design.


& technical proposition


Ultimate high-end and innovative design. This concept appears as a chic, sophisticated and highly technical proposition for men. Its distinctive double hinge on the temples reminds the sophistication and refinement of watches bracelets links assembled in a meticulous interlocking metal parts. The model is thought out with a serious stylistic effort and complex technology. A genuine high-tech gadget for men achieved in a great concern for aesthetics.

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