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Unpublished color, magnificent sheen, and exquisite materials: imbued with a sophisticated textile spirit, these new models by Jean-Francois Rey take on a fashion and graphic allure thanks to an elaborate work of acetate and a repertoire of original colors that give this collection its unique touch.


The language of materials and colors has always been the common thread of Jean-Francois Rey’ designs, with always this surprising ability to permanently introduce innovative associations that make the brand standing unique and distinctive. For this new collection, the designer develops his sure and subtle taste for fashion by presenting a refined and elaborate work on acetate prints. Designed in a spirit of “knitting” and sophisticated weaving combining effects of wool, cashmere, or silk fibers, the materials get sophisticated with textured and nicely shaded colors renderings that prove to be very successful through transparency.

JF Rey Eyewear - JF14999060
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14968505
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14960555
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14978090
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14984530
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14990550
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14982560
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14962040
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14973375
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14967020
JF Rey Eyewear - JF14975525

A thin colored line on the face highlights the luxuriance of the patterns and brings a subtle graphic effect: an aesthetic detail typically Jean-Francois Rey. Achieved with a lamination technique, the models multiply the stylistic effects that make the creations stand out and personalize. The colors are harmonious, soft, and reflected in chic transparencies and bright shines.

Jean-Francois Rey Highlight:

Here a short video, where Joëlle Rey shows some highlights of on these amazing new designs:

A repertoire of shimmering, lush, and fruity organic colors inspire men’s models, while female styles favour delicate colors and rich gradation in soft, pastel or powdery tones. The finishing details such as the side piece built-in volume, the collages on the temples and a FLEX hinge give the frames a sophisticated elegance and optimal comfort. New creative eyewear glasses tastefully achieved in modernity and inspiring a new fashion attitude.

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