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One of the most conceptional eyewear brands, and a true must-see in our “Made in Japan” list, is the Japanese brand Factory900.

This revolutionary brand surprises me year after year, when I see them on international shows, with unique shapes and avant-garde designs that have gained great reputations world-wide.

The brand was launched in 2000 as a house-brand of AOYAMA Optical Co.,Ltd., a small factory that has been manufacturing plastic frames for three generations over the last 80 years in Fukui prefecture where 95% of “Made in Japan” Eyewear frames are manufactured.

The code “900” is derived from the number designated to their factory by the Japenese government, which make them sound like “just a number”, but I can guarantee you, they are not!! They have been making the most amazing and award-winning eyewear designs for decades.

Their team of designers have always challenged by themselves, and finally obtained magnificent plastic frame forming techniques.

In 2000, their head designer, Yoshinori AOYAMA started their own house brand with the brand concept “THE FUTURES EYEWEAR” to create even more sophisticated and exquisite eyewear.

FACTORY900 is always considering new ideas and continues challenging itself with.

However, more importantly is the freedom you experience from their eyewear and what you make of it.

The future which FACTORY900 aims for is waiting just ahead!

The brand has two futuristic flagship stores in Japan, that embody their concept “THE FUTURES EYEWEAR”, where all of their frames can be seen, even discontinued frames and special ones.

The shops provide sophisticated after-sale service, such as suggesting the most suitable model and lenses, frame polishing service and so on.

Award winning designs

2013 Silmo d’Or
Sunglass Category
This “simple” round shape, features a bend of the upper and lower rims to the outside, showing more of your face.
When people see the frame from the upside, they can recognize its “smiling” face. And if they see it from the opposite side, they can see its “sad” face.
2015 Silmo d’Or
Jury Special Prize
The design is always influenced by fashion, but the design at Factory900 always focusing on the future.
Futuristic design should be leading in our life. FA-087 ” THE SIX EYES ” is their concept model, which grants the wearer a positive view on the world.
iF Design Award 2020
Silmo d’Or 2019 nominee

This design features diamond patterns that are randomly laid out three-dimensionally onto the front surface.

The irregular reflection of light shows the essential beauty of its acetate front even more, making it “The eyewear which is wearing light”.

To view the Factory900 collection, visit their website.

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