Etnia Barcelona // Mediterranean Glamourama Vintage Collection

Vintage Collection. 

Mediterranean Glamourama

Etnia Barcelona presents new designs for its Vintage Collection, homaging the eclectic atmosphere created with the mingling of celebrities, beaches, hotels and the local population along the Catalan Empordà coast from the 1930s to the 1960s.


A diverse collection including 20 new prescription frames and 14 new sunglasses in metal and acetate. A fusion of classical looks and the free spirit of the brand.

Vintage inspired shapes and forms, revisited to create icons bursting with details, make each and every model in this collection a true jewel. Metal temples with Art Deco motifs and classic vintage trim. A variety of points of colour and golden pins, differing according to the model, offers the collection a true touch of sophistication.

Once again, Etnia Barcelona revisits the shapes and forms, materials and lenses of the 1950s and 1960s to create its Vintage Collection. Metal frames built in gold, pink gold and silver.

Natural acetates in classic colours from the archives of Mazzucchelli production sites. Blacks, havanas, tortoiseshell and carey, alongside more contemporary hues like bottle green, maroon or honey, blended with acetates developed by the Etnia Barcelona design team for the inside of the frames and the mythical temple tips of the Vintage Collection.
Glimpses of a dozen unique colours in the form of “Wimbledon” inspired stripes, wheat ears and “horn” textures flash from the inside of the frames.

The sun collection features Italian made Barberini mineral lenses, painstakingly selected from the firm’s “vintage” archives to guarantee the period look of the glasses. Bogart, Cooper, Llafranch, Orson, La Gavina, Schneidder…

The sun collection features Italian made Barberini mineral lenses, painstakingly selected from the firm’s “vintage” archives to guarantee the period look of the glasses. Bogart, Cooper, Llafranch, Orson, La Gavina, Schneidder…

Etnia Barcelona’s Vintage Collection tributes the Mediterranean Glamourama of the Costa Brava through the Golden years of Hollywood, between the 1930s and the 1960s, when actors, musicians and artists frequented its beaches and hotels, turning it into one of the most glamourous spots in the Mediterranean.

The whole source of the story springs from the most iconic hotel of the Costa Brava, “La Gavina”. Situated in S’Agaró, Hotel La Gavina stands overlooking the sea. With its refined Mediterranean style, featuring palm trees, maroon awnings and terracotta roof tiles, it offers an idyllic postcard image of the Costa Brava, part of the more luxurious ambience of the “Empordà” region.


In its day, it played host to Ava Gardner, John Wayne, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Peter Sellers, amongst many others. The walls are drenched in history and populated with photographs immortalising the parties enjoyed by the stars.

Yet again Etnia Barcelona asserts its experience and in-depth knowledge of colour, blended with a Vintage look, to create a perfect collection that combines quality and fashion. Etnia Barcelona’s Vintage style taken to the peak of excellence.

About Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is an independent eyewear brand that was founded in 2001. All collections are created from start to finish by the brand’s design team, who monitor every step of the production process. What sets Etnia Barcelona apart is the use of color in each design, making it the eyewear industry’s most colorful brand. What’s more, every pair of glasses is crafted with the highest quality natural materials, such as natural acetate by Mazzucchelli and mineral
crystal lenses by Barberini.

The company has offices in Barcelona, Miami, Vancouver, and Hong Kong and can be found in over 60 countries with 14,000 points of sale throughout the world. They now have their first Flagship Store, located in the iconic Born neighborhood of Barcelona. This is a space devoted to eyewear culture that brings together the best the brand has to offer under one roof.

Etnia Barcelona’s tagline #BeAnartist dares everyone to express themselves freely with their designs, without holding back. Ever since, they have been so much more than just an eyewear brand. Etnia Barcelona is color, art, and culture, but above all, they symbolize the city that has watched them thrive: Barcelona. Barcelona is a whole way of life, a place that’s open to the world: it’s all simply a question of attitude.

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