AirArt // New range of Rimless frames

Launched in 2019, AirArt is a high-end eyewear brand that exploits French excellence, know-how and creativity. Its patented functional innovation allows opticians to adjust the weight distribution of the complete equipment (frames + Rx lenses) and to deliver a remarkable individualised customer experience. Its niche positioning and aeronautical universe prove to be a pretext for differentiation as part of a value-based commercial strategy.

Thanks to the wise and valuable feedback from our first partners, whom we warmly thank, we are delighted to present our first range of rimless frames. It responds to a market need in which the supply of such glasses has become poorer in recent years despite constant consumer demand. Refined, technical and innovative, these models are aimed at demanding men who appreciate discretion. Marketed from January 2021, our first 4 shapes are available in 6 finishes each and their recommended retail price starts at 395 €.

French Luxury dedicated to Men.

The unique concept was imagined by Frédéric Pons, also co-founder of Hoehl’s | Paris, Wellness High-Jewellery. Made in France, AirArt uses the most demanding craftsmanship and avant-garde technologies to unveil a rare quality that is guaranteed for life. Each of their eyeglasses requires around 150 operations and around 20 hours of labour.

In addition to platinum, ceramics and 21 karat gold, the collection makes exclusive use of DiamondBlack® technology, directly derived from aeronautics: the hand-polished, satin-finished and brushed metal parts are coated with diamond and graphite particles for unequalled protection and the most refined and luxurious finish. AirArt also offers exclusive services that allow you to care for your frames like a jewel, or to personalise functional pieces made in solid gold, or even set with a gem, in their jeweller’s workshop. Of course, AirArt complies with the stringent European environmental standard REACH.

AirArt, a worldwide functional innovation: individual balance for exceptional comfort.

AirArt frames have an optimised weight distribution that saves 25% of the weight on the nose. In addition, their unique variable geometry, inspired by aeronautical engineering, guarantees perfect stability regardless of the wearer’s optical lenses. Indeed, the mass of a corrective lens can be very variable, up to 4 times heavier than an afocal demo lens. The result: the glasses remain comfortable, perfectly balanced and pleasant to wear throughout the day.

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