Embrosa // The Other Trade Show launched

Utrecht, The Netherlands, February 8, 2021 – Embrosa offers Eye Care Professionals around the globe a new and safe way to discover optical brands and explore new eyewear collections.

For everyone in the optical world that experiences ‘homesickness’ due to cancelled or postponed trade shows, there now is a lightweight alternative available: Embrosa | The Other Trade Show edition. A stay-safe-wherever-you-are trade show, that allows you to explore brands and discover new collections from the safety and comfort of your house or practice.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”CEO Melanie van Norden” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”17″]We visit optical trade shows as often as possible and we’ve noticed how much we missed discovering new frames and innovations. We spoke to many of our opticians and optometrists and found that this feeling is shared by basically everybody in our industry.[/perfectpullquote]

The Embrosa team started to think about how they could offer a helping hand. Their award-winning social media marketing app already has thousands of active app-users in the optical market and hundreds of optical brands that add their content. “ Our usage data showed that our users are craving to see what’s new. We found that our app’s users were spending more and more time in the app, looking for new content and new inspiration. That got us thinking, what if we present the marketing assets that the 350+ optical brands already upload to our platform, in a different way. Making it easier for Eye Care Professionals to find new brands, have more extensive options to find inspiration, but also make or request an appointment with a local sales rep with the click of a button. In a small and safe setting.”

The show must go on

Embrosa is well aware that an online experience can never replace the lively vibe of a trade show floor. But a digital native trade show could and should be limitless! As Embrosa’s smart tech team saw it, a digital-native trade show would not simply be a copy of the real world, merely translated to online. So they skipped avatars walking around a virtual trade show floor and reimagined a trade show that would be open every single day, all year long, to visitors from all over the world!

Brands that can be discovered in The Other Trade Show are – among others – Caroline Abram, neubau eyewear, Rodenstock Lenses, Porsche Design Eyewear, Xavier Garcia, TITANFLEX, BRENDEL eyewear, EINSTOFFEN, ELLE, MILO & ME, Monoqool, and Nanovista.

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On desktop and smartphone

Their team has spent the last 5 months building The Other Trade Show. They launched a desktop version and added The Other Trade Show to their social media marketing app, Embrosa. The Other Trade Show is opening ‘its doors’ today and will be ‘open’ 365 days a year, 24/7. It’s free to visit. Visit The Other Trade Show online or download Embrosa from your App Store or Google Play Store . Tapping Explore in the app will start your ‘trade show experience’.

“New brands join every day, and brands upload new collections weekly. If you’d like, our Embrosa team can notify you whenever that happens. It will keep you inspired and informed. But you’ll find all those options on your computer and smartphone when you grab your badge and visit The Other Trade Show!”

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