Rain City // Eyewear with a distinctive look

Over a decade ago I was introduced to a great rep for a frame line that my office carried, Keith. After a few years of repping that line he had moved on from his position and that was that. In 2019 I had attended The Eyewear After Party in Seattle and visited every frame line at this event but there was just something about the owner of Zowee Wow Eyewear that made me go back to see the frames again. (Zowee Wow also distributes the incredibly cool Roger Eyewear here in the U.S. which I didn’t mind looking again) I started talking to the owner and low and behold it was Keith; I hadn’t seen him in years and it was because he was busy making his own company happen.


What I found most interesting about another line he distributed was that it was created to be a Seattle frame line: Rain City Eyewear.  Rain City was created in 2014 by a group of optical professionals with a shared passion for fashion eyewear. Tired of seeing frames produced by the usual corporate giants, they yearned for something different, a singular aesthetic, an eyewear collection inspired by the spirit and sensibilities of our hometown Seattle.

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With an often-classic feel in shape, but their own Northwest sense of color and style, Rain City provides an alternative for individuals seeking their own distinctive look.​


Rain City wants to provide a singular look that just “fits.” It’s not about big corporate brands, but fashionable alternatives that are personal, substantive and unique. . .  just like their hometown!

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