Eyewear trends 2020 // Opti Munich showed them all!

Eyewear trends 2020

The kick-off for the optical year 2020 was again at the infamous Opti in Munich, Germany. For us at TEF, thé opportunity to see if the trends we had spotted on fashion shows in New York and Milan had found their place in eyewear design. And I must say, they surely did!

What was seen in apparel on catwalks, could be found in the 60,000 m² of Opti floors, which were jam-packed with the independent eyewear brands that we love so much, showcasing a wide variety of materials and finishes in amazing frame designs.

This year, both fashion weeks produced go-to shades for the coming seasons that serve as a structure for daily fashion, as well as the most important fashion accessory; Eyewear.

Neutral colours as Blanc de Blanc and Brilliant White present a smooth and illuminating basis. Although modest, these colours can still be a fashion statement. Several exhibiting brands as the Dutch Johnny Loco and German-based Comma made smart use of this trend colour, in striking metal coatings and semi-transparent acetates.

Trend photos Opti 2020
Trend photos Opti 202015

More off-white and even more modest, are the grey trend colours Oyster Mushroom and Ash who offer a strong and timeless appearance without being overly clamorous. Where the white tones were used by brands as Helden or the art-deco design by Sarah Settgast to create facial harmony, the more grayish were used as add-ons, like the sun-shade of JF Rey or embedded titanium in the new Costume collection by Cabrio.

Trend photos Opti 20208
Trend photos Opti 20209
Trend photos Opti 202010
Trend photos Opti 202016
Trend photos Opti 202017
Trend photos Opti 202019

In the meantime, the subtle tans, Cuban Sand and Lark, show a versatile and authentic atmosphere. Subtle colours that make the frame blend into your face like the minimalistic shades by Haffmans und Neumeister, or used as lens colours for a ton-sur-ton design like this frame from the fashion-show collection of Flair. Fashion statement chains in all qualities were to be found all around the show. This over-the-top version by Emmanuelle Khanh surely took the cake.

Trend photos Opti 20203
Trend photos Opti 20202
Trend photos Opti 20206
Trend photos Opti 202011
Trend photos Opti 202013
Trend photos Opti 202014

At the fashion week in New York, we recognized familiar shades that radiated the perfect blend of calmness, self-assurance, which created a breathtaking palette that just screamed to be used on eyewear.

Mellow Cinnamon Stick and bright Flame Scarlet show a determined atmosphere. The red Flame Scarlet is an ideal color for metal coatings as seen on this design by Noego by Parasite , where the earthy Cinnamon Stick creates hues of light on this frame by Johnny Loco in semi-transparent and matt acetate.

Trend photos Opti 202043
Trend photos Opti 202034
Trend photos Opti 202042
Trend photos Opti 202044

The official trend colour of the year (although we have chosen the green Chive) Classic Blue and its worn-down brother Faded Denim have a comfortable and graceful appearance. Blue tints look amazing in both solid colors as in tortoiseshell combinations, and make your and the passer-by’s eyes pop! This colour was seen all around Opti, by avant-garde brands as Naoned and Variation Design as well as the more conservative styles of Lunor.

Trend photos Opti 202036
Trend photos Opti 202035
Trend photos Opti 202037
Trend photos Opti 202039
Trend photos Opti 202040
Trend photos Opti 202041

Trend colour of the year, when it comes to TEF, is the rich green Chive which was seen on several booths this year. Used in semi-transparent acetates by the awarded designs of Veronika Wildgruber or matted titaniums by Blackfin, the green Chive serves as a great neutral hue and pairs beautifully with a plethora of colours— especially saffron (see next topic). The mellow yet rich purple Grape Compote offers a mysterious and hearty feeling, which gives a rich effect when used in this crystal acetate by Lunor.

Trend photos Opti 202045
Trend photos Opti 202029
Trend photos Opti 202031
Trend photos Opti 202028
Trend photos Opti 202032
Trend photos Opti 202033

Refreshed yellow Saffron is an abundant and brilliant addition to the range. This vivid shade of orangey-yellow is cleverly used by brands as Comma to add a bold touch to their frames exuding an optimistic outlook. The aqua Biscay Green is sparkling and revitalizing like a splash of water and used here by Von Bogen and Johnny Loco to add a wave of coolness to their frame design.

Trend photos Opti 202046
Trend photos Opti 2020C
Trend photos Opti 202022
Trend photos Opti 202023

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, the Fashion Show of London showed us flashy and mysterious shades which provide a stimulating and robust palette that is anything but boring.

Sultry red Bossa Nova and Rose Brown show a sober atmosphere. Used in tortoiseshell combinations of natural materials as the horn frames from the new collection by Sarah Settgast by Hoffmann Natural Eyewear.

Trend photos Opti 202054
Trend photos Opti 202055

With the petal-soft pink Blossom, upcoming brands like Tough Character and Dabrach awaken an aura of romance and warmth, while 3D print expert Klenze & Baum (Voyou) uses deep green Storm to captivate you with an edgy appearance.

Trend photos Opti 202048
Trend photos Opti 202050
Trend photos Opti 202056
Trend photos Opti 202038
Trend photos Opti 2020C49
Trend photos Opti 202057
This strong use of catwalk colours into eyewear design truly makes the optical industry part of fashion and positions eyewear as thé hottest fashion accessory which is here to stay. Opti was the perfect spot with the perfect timing to see how our industry embraces fashion, and I can’t wait what the optical year 2020 will bring!

Show report: Opti

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