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If you are looking for an in-store partner that thinks along with your business case, then Top Vision is the place to be. That’s one of the reason that Federmann Opticiens in Haarlem again chose to keep the well-known eyewear display manufacturer part of the decision makers for their newest project, their store in downtown Haarlem.


[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Rebecca Shephard – Store manager” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]Many entrepreneurs often change who they work with. I have deliberately chosen to work with parties that have always worked well in the past. Because you know each other well, you are better attuned to each other, you immediately know what is meant. This makes it easier for you to confront and challenge each other in order to come up with new ideas. I would do it again next time.[/perfectpullquote]

For their downtown store, they wanted to create an eyewear experience, where customers were constantly triggered to wonder further into the store, although less eyewear was physically presented. By creating several niches along the walls, which each had different kind of eyewear presentations, whether it be columns for capacity, shelves for more high end frames or illuminated boxes as highlights, visitors are excited to keep on browsing. This concept turned their whole store into a shop window.

A huge cabinet displaying the history of their store, including some amazing eyewear frames from days gone by, gives some warmth to the whole environment and makes the passer by feel more welcome. The same goes for the checkout desk, thats integrated into a small island in the store. No more barriers and a clear focus on service and accessibility. They also decided to show their craftsmanship by opening up the wall to their workshop, showing their clients their expertise and making the whole shop look bigger the same time.

By choosing to create more experience within the store, the capacity for frame presentation went down. This was partly resolved by displaying frames in the top drawer of their cabinets. This makes customers browse even more, making the whole walk through the store and adventure to look at amazing eyewear. On the other hand, it allows the staff, to play more with the actual presentations, switching frames between the regular presentations, the highlights and the glass topped cabinets. Cause a store that always looks as it did yesterday, is a store of yesterday.


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Source: Advertorial
Project: Federmann Haarlem Centrum
Store design: KPG Architecten
Shopfitting: IntosTop Vision Group

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