Frank and Lucie readers – Laid back luxury

Frank is originally a spectacle designer but now retired. His wife Lucie asked him to make some really beautiful, luxury ready-made reading glasses for her and her friends. He said, sure dear, “You are the apple of my eye.” In no time everyone in their area wanted such reading glasses.

3 years ago they started reading glasses label Frank and Lucie. Laid Back luxury, no bells and whistles, beautiful timeless colours, designs and special details. For her, but also for him. Acetate reading glasses with a perfect blue light filter. When Lucie is reading in bed, she wants to sleep well afterwards. There are seven models in various colours. There is also an acetate look-over collection, unique in the world of trash look tops.

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They are delivered in a vegan leather presentation box, with beautifully patterned soft pouches or vegan leather foldable hard case. A delivery bag is included with each pair of glasses. The reading glasses have a WVK of 45-49.50 euros. Lucie says “Frank can read my mind”.


This spring, Frank and Lucie are launching the Ballet and Coral collection, in two models; the Eyeglobe and the Eyecon.

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