Jean-Francois Rey – Carbon Wood

Noble materials, flattering fits, mastered silhouettes and duality of styles: the CARBON WOOD line by Jean-Francois Rey, continues to seduce again with its chic pieces that combine natural wood and carbon fibers with the same creativity and singularity.

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The CARBON WOOD collection is renewed with five unprecedented models that give men a modern and very elegant silhouette. The work done around materials and styles is revealed in sophisticated and contrasting associations, subtly mixing contemporary design and retro codes. The line focuses on the superimposition of extremely fine carbon fibers with natural wood essences carefully selected for their original beauty and subtle color schemes that offer many creative possibilities. The textures and wooden shades of wengé, Sental or cedar wood rub the electric colors of carbon fibers in elaborated combinations that enhance the simplicity of the shapes and give the frames their very particular character. FLEX hinge, impeccable finishes, extreme lightness, fine matte polishing and neat stylistic details: everything is here thought and worked looking for a refined luxury concern.

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