Komono – Update “Elementary Sun collection”

Komono’s new Elementary sunglasses take classic shapes and redefine them with exaggerated proportions. Joining Komono’s iconic Mercer, Hailey and Sheldon styles are six new shapes and two eye-catching colorways. The large-lensed Conrad and the circular Yoko are available in Black, Silver Smoke, Turquoise and Raspberry.

The Conrad - Black KOM-S5002 front crop
The Conrad - Turquoise KOM-S5000
The Conrad - Raspberry KOM-S5001
The Yoko - Raspberry KOM-S5051
The Yoko - Silver Smoke KOM-S5053

The Alec’s narrow aviator and the Ava’s slim cat-eye are available in Black and Silver Smoke.

The Ava - Black KOM-S5200
The Alec - Black KOM-S5250

The half-rimmed cat-eye Olivia is available in Black and Raspberry.

SS19---Olivia Raspberry---KOM-S5102
The Olivia - Black KOM-S5101
The Olivia - Raspberry KOM-S5102

The small and half-rimmed Elton’s circular frame is available in Black and Turquoise.

The Elton - Turquoise KOM-S5152
The Elton - Black KOM-S5151

The iconic Mercer and the statement-bridged Sheldon are available in Black Brown, Silver Smoke and Turquoise.

The Mercer - Turquoise KOM-S4456
The Sheldon - Turquoise KOM-S4556

The panto-lensed Hailey is available in Black Brown, Silver Smoke and Raspberry.

The Hailey - Raspberry KOM-S45062

About Komono

Komono creates contemporary watches and eyewear, designed in Antwerp. Fiercely dedicated to the Belgian tradition of quality and craftsmanship, they have made global fashion and design more accessible since 2009. Staying true to the origins of the word Komono (it means “small things” in Japanese), the team shares a passion for distilling the best of culture to its simplest forms. Komono is the perfect blend of vision and timing. For more information, please visit www.komono.com

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