Ochis – Frames made from Coffee

Innovative glasses from a natural coffee cake will invert the eyewear industry. Ochis Coffee is organic, high quality and durable eyewear that smells coffee.

Every year, people are increasingly eager for an eco-friendly life, so, the life items that surround us are also becoming more ecological.  In this case, we invented the most organic eyewear made of coffee.


The matte frame is pleasant to the touch, and lightweight featuring a flexible bow and adjustable temples, which makes it possible to easily adjust it without the aid of any special equipment.

Founder Max Gavrilenko;

“My father owned an optical store and workshop, where I studied glasses from my very childhood. From this, I saw a lot of glasses and wanted to create a really eco-friendly, comfortable and universal glasses that each person can adjust to themselves. After many iterations, I created a new eco-material that is from coffee and flax from which Ochis coffee is made.

The main idea of coffee eyewear is an absolute rejection of petroleum plastic; the frames decompose 100 times faster than ordinary plastic glasses. Ochis uses recyclables for production, and in this case, that means coffee mill cake and flax meal.


The frame completely degrades after 10 years in soil or water, and turns into a natural fertilizer for new plants, should you happen to lose it.

There are 4 colors of the Carl Zeiss lens, which protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, but the frame can also be fitted with prescription lenses.

For more information, check out their website.

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