Freakshow – Reflect yourself!

With its new baseline “reflect yourself”, Freakshow evolves. Inspired by cinema since its founding, the brand chooses today to open itself to every form of arts. With the same philosophy; universality. The idea is that everyone has a grain of madness inside of him; the same that animates the greatest artists.

The new declines this principle visually with a character in the center. Its shadow (the subconscious?) has taken its independence to better express its creativity; his real personality?


With its reinterpretation of the pilot shape, the Scorcese plays the alliance between the navy blue and the bronze. With a drop at the tenons, its shape is unique.


The Keaton plays with color combinations and choose refinement with full-metal lug and the temples. The cutting tip of the lug reuses the iconic shape of the Freakshow rivet.

For more information, check out their cool website!

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