Monkeyglasses – Gratitude Collection

Gratitude – For all the things around us.

The new Gratitude collection by Monkeyglasses arises from sincere gratitude for all the things their design team love. Their designer Mai-britt creates her collections with gratitude in her heart. As she is designing the new styles, she recalls with appreciation, all the things in life, that we have to be grateful for. May-britt has realized, that the saying “what consumes your mind, controls your life”, is very true. She starts each day with gratitude in her heart. A lovely feeling, from which things and thoughts begins to grow. The Gratitude collection is characterized by its thin lines and dusty colorful expressions. It is inspired by people that Mai-britt is grateful to have met, colors, textures and smells that calms her mind and makes her happy.

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What consumes your mind, controls your life. Practice gratitude

“In a world, where we tend to be very focused on materialism, I find it very important to make time for moments, where I think about the greater things in life, and all the things we have to be grateful for. These moments often occur when I am designing the collections. I have a deep love and respect for nature, and I am very concerned about the environmental impact our “buy-and-throw-away culture” has on our beautiful planet, and all life on it. I make it a point to use environmentally friendly materials for our products, to recycle and to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. My eyewear designs may not change the world, but my hope is, that our products and stories will act as little green seeds, that will grow, and help our customers to become more conscious consumers.”
– Designer and CEO Mai-Britt Seaton.

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Thin lines, rimless shapes and soft graduated colored lenses.

The materials used for monkeyglasses’s autumn collection 2018-2, are cotton fibers and stainless steel. The Gratitude collection is characterized by its sophisticated expression, where thin lines, rimless shapes and softly graduated colored lenses are brought together, for a cool and fashionable look.

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