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To be independent we must depend on each other

A talk with Copenhagen Specs founder Morten Gammelmark 

I actually find the term independent to be hugely misleading. Because the independent eyewear industry is exactly the opposite – you are all completely dependent on each other, whether you like it or not. There is so much potential in independent labels and shops doing more of an effort to join forces and support each other in an increasingly competitive market where the large labels and retail chains have advantage in numbers. Don’t get me wrong, most shops are very much aware of the growing competition. When an independent optician must give up the struggle and close, the space is often taken over by a large retailer. Naturally, the large retail chains have the upper competitive hand when it comes to marketing budgets. Therefore, the independent businesses must stick together. One of the ways in which to do that is to participate in copenhagen specs.

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Copenhagen Specs needs you

Copenhagen Specs might be just a trade show, but shows are one of the ways in which the independent industry can join forces, and that’s exactly what copenhagen specs is all about. At the show, we gather the amazing and innovative brands in one place. Every year welcomes new designers and the show is intended to offer the grand overview of what is happening in the Scandinavian market just this second. I promise, you will find all those creative and beautiful frames that your customers can’t find at your competitor. And I bet you can’t help taking home inspiration on how to stand out from the crowd. I am always really happy to receive so much support for the show. Still, I hope for even more support this year. Not in talk, but in action. The more visitors at copenhagen specs, the more great labels will wish to participate and inspire you – and your customers – with their latest designs. It is win-win for both labels and shops.

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Copenhagen Specs is all for you

Dear independent eyewear industry, dear local shops, opticians and small designer labels; copenhagen specs is not just another eyewear show. No, it is all for you. And copenhagen specs cannot exist without you. It’s as simple as that. So please, show your support. You cannot be independent without being dependent on each other. Once you join forces, you can build a competitive advantage against the larger market players. If you continue to hesitate, however, you will continue to play catch-up. And playing is just so much more fun in teams.

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Copenhagen Specs will take place on October 20—21, 2018 in Berlin, Germany and on March 2—3, 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. See you there!

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