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Must-See brands


MIDO 2024

With just several days left until the next MIDO in Milan, we can barely wait to see what amazing eyewear will be on display at this innovative show!

As always, we have created a little list of the Must-See brands, which are really worth a visit! Brands in a wide variety of categories, to match anyone’s desires. If you are visiting this amazing show, be sure to check out these even more amazing brands!

VOA COLLECTIVE | Contemporary Eyewear

VOA Collective exclusively produces limited-edition conceptual masterpieces, crafted by Japanese artisans, reflecting contemporary luxury. 

Creative Director Blanco de la Osa’s neo-minimalist, modern, and futuristic approach sets the brand apart. Their mission is to spread inspiration, fostering individual awakenings and connections that enable people to see beyond.

Albert I’mStein continues to introduce FUN & HAPPY frames at MIDO 2024.

Albert I’mStein continues to introduce FUN & HAPPY frames at MIDO 2024.

The FUN & Happy brand from Poland doesn’t follow specific trends or generations, but just leads all the positive and playful energies with its own originality. Albert I’mStein aims to make people who love their frames to have a smile and to feel happiness in their daily lives.

Mod. Hahaha & Kikiki’s design concepts started from the ideas of the very first eyelash and eyeliner makeup done by a little girl using her mom’s cosmetics.

The model names bring up the sound of laugh from the mom seeing her daughter In the meantime.

Mod. Eclipse, Copernikus, and Astro are inspired by “Eclipse”. Two layers of acetate front show shaded effects like a solar eclipse. The head designer of Albert I’mStein studied science, so their design concepts are sometimes related to science, astronomy, etc not from typical fashions. Astronomers see beautiful stars, so why not come up with a mix of many beautiful colors.

Many of Albert I’mStein models have fun mix of asymmetric decorations or mix match materias with metals and acetates. Mod. Lancelot and Roland have handcrafted antique titanium decorations inspired from the armor of knights in the middle age. You can see the top quality of leather coating on titanium done by Japanese craftsmen.

A legacy of style and adventure!

MASUNAGA has a rich heritage and a commitment to quality that dates back over 100 years. Our past is the key to today and tomorrow at MASUNAGA. 

Craftsmanship creates a perfect balance in design and technique that you can strongly see in our latest model, TOBI.

The solid feel and the grand silhouette capture man’s hearts. The shape of “Aviator” embodies a legacy of style and adventure. Tobi means Kite bird in Japanese. 

TOBI‘s double Titanium front rims design creates spaces at the bridge and the upper rims, and it is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of space. The Ion Plated Matt Black frame with Gold on the inner rim makes this Color#S19 unique and outstanding. 

Including TOBI, 11 captivating new styles and 2 elegant new colors are released for 2024SS. Discover the essence of our brilliant craftsmanship in our latest models.

Fusion collection by Rolf Spectacles:
Eyewear design with a pioneering spirit.

The Rolf Fusion eyewear collection is the latest collection from #planetrolf. It symbolises the fusion of eyewear design, technical expertise and the use of natural materials. A real milestone for the brand.

For the new Fusion collection from Austrian eyewear manufacturer Rolf, the company’s in-house R&D department worked on new manufacturing processes and materials. The result is a high quality and sustainable eyewear collection with 34 models in 8 colours and 2 patterns.

As an expression of Rolf’s deep-rooted experience in working with wood, each pair of Fusion glasses features an exquisite, delicately engraved real wood inlay. This fusion of natural materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing embodies not only aesthetic elegance, but also a deep commitment to sustainability.

The Fusion frame is a combination of traditional craftsmanship and technological innovation, perfectly designed for the discerning market. More than just a pair of glasses, Rolf is a symbol of style, sustainability and craftsmanship. 

Their team is delighted to present this latest creation and invites everyone to come and see these new products at the upcoming Mido. 

We hope you can find the time to check out these amazing eyewear designers in Milan this weekend! The TEF crew is already on its way, to discover some more awesome brands! Our eyewear bloggers Chantal, Siu, and Jenn will be walking the halls, so do say hi when you see them walk by! Especially if you want us to make you famous! 😉

And remember, TEF loves you!

Maarten Weidema

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