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Must-See brands!

At Silmo Paris

Silmo Paris is upon us, and soon its doors will open showing us the latest in eyewear design. 

As always, we have created a little list of the Must-See brands, which are really worth a visit! Brands in a wide variety of categories, to match anyone’s desires:

When visiting the booth of Albert I’mStein, words like “FUN, HAPPY, and ORIGINAL” are the most frequently having been described by many opticians. This cool brand brings lots of interesting projects such as their Cocktail series, Oriental Projects – Seoul & Hakone, and playful and wearable frames, Melbourne and Patagonia.

Their Cocktail series are the successors to Vanguard, inspired by fluted whiskey glasses and awarded by 100% Optical in 2022. The models Seoul and Hakone were created by Korean and Japanese designers to show their own culture adding to Albert I’mStein vibes.

You will experience many different cities and countries from their various collections, but everywhere you travel, you will have one common vibe, “FUN”. Visit and feel the vibes.

You can find Albert Im’Stein at

Hall 7 Stand F176

AM Eyewear emerges with a bold, young modern line in the New Order collection, evoking new life with a sophisticated edge to celebrate 20 years since the cult eyewear label’s iconic frames first hit the market.

Paying homage to the cultural landmark of New Order’s 2001 release “Get Ready”, a bold reemergence into the spotlight with a new shine on their well-loved authentic quality, AM Eyewear founder Kumar Ponnusamy has captured the magic, excitement and electricity of that Brit Rock movement and channelled it into AM Eyewear’s new collection.

You can find AM Eyewear at

Hall 7 Stand D041

The new Flair eyewear collection combines high-quality materials such as cabochon gemstones and titanium with first-class workmanship and classic as well as modern design elements and colourfulness.

To produce a pair of FLAIRs, hundreds of precisely coordinated work steps come together. To do so, they rely upon a combination of careful craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production processes. The result is masterful designer eyewear, a symbiosis of beauty and lightness, durability and functionality.

This is the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

You can find FLAIR at

Hall 7 – Stand F228

Sospiri, a luxury Italian brand by Ottica Veneta, continues to revolutionize the industry with its bold blend of modern aesthetics and classic elegance. Its latest new models, Renata and Marella, boast sleek geometric lines and signature Swarovski crystal embellishments. 

From the brand’s latest collection, these two frames are remarkable for their ultra-futuristic shape and ability to push artistic boundaries while remaining sophisticated.

Handcrafted in the northern Italian region of Veneto with Mazzucchelli acetate and hand-placed Swarovski crystals, this new model assures timeless sophistication while never compromising on comfort.

You can find Sospiri at

Hall 7 – Stand D030

One of the new features this new season at SILMO Paris is a new concept of optical frames for men combining titanium, stainless steel, and carbon into unprecedented thickness work and highly technical complexity which takes nothing away from style and elegance. The fusion of performance and style. A strong aesthetic signed by J.F. REY and very well thought out in structure detailing refinement features, and the sensory expression of the design.

The brand is also launching its first sunglasses collection. Men’s styles come into creative blends of exceptional materials and sophisticated palettes that evoke all the meticulous work and technical complexity of the models. While women’s styles are infused with 70s chic and glamorous spirit: original shapes, geometric constructions of acetates, and custom graphic associations of colors. A supremely modern and elegant collection that echoes their creative signature.

You can find J.F. Rey at

Hall 7 – Stand E104

The past is the key to today and tomorrow at Masunaga and their rich heritage and commitment to quality dates back over 100 years

With the new concepts of three-dimensional unique plastic fronts and detailed metal parts, a technique developed through integrated production is reflected in the beautiful texture of their materials and the precision of details when all the parts are put together.

This craftsmanship creates a perfect balance in design and technique that you can strongly see in their latest models Aquila and Taurus. Including these 2 models, 11 captivating new styles and 2 elegant new colors are released for 2023FW. Discover the essence of our brilliant craftsmanship in their latest models at Silmo Paris.

You can find Masunaga at

Hall 7 – Stand F076

The Belgian brand Wolfin Eyewear arose from the creative hunger of Inge De Muynck, who has over 30 years of experience in the optical business. With Wolfin, Inge wants to bring a strong message to everyone with every collection.

The new collection Home find its inspiration in the Art Deco era. Art Deco characteristics have streamlined features, and often have geometric ornaments imbedded in the design. 
Here is a sneak peek of some new models:
“The Alma is a fine feminine shape cut out from a titanium plate that has been lasered to reveal a geometric Art Deco detail in the second layer. “
“ The Vivienne is a bold feminine acetate with geometrical lines and curves inspired from an Art Deco wall design.”

You can find Wolfin at

Hall 7- Stand H142

Exclusively at Silmo, MITA Sustainable Eyewear will premier its latest hybrid frames, crafted in a mix of RPET & recyclable aluminum and titanium. Expect to see new styles blending solar and optical, in bold, oversized shapes, unique angles, and elegant temples.

The new styles redefine sustainable eyewear, merging audacious styles with timeless classics.

MITA Eyewear is an award-winning brand pioneering the use of sustainable materials in sunglasses and optical eyewear, mixing the eclectic fashion sense and multicultural background of Miami, built with innovative materials of the highest quality, and inspired by the art of Italian design and craftsmanship.

You can find MITA at

Hall 7 – Stand G286

MOREL will present its three new collections at SILMO Paris, all infused with their commitment to excellence and creativity. The “MOREL” collection offers a rich variety of models, both feminine and trendy as well as minimalist designs for men, all equipped with their patented hinge without screws or welding.

The second collection, “Marius MOREL,” accurately revisits its iconic models from the 1950s while integrating modern comfort. Finally, the “M” collection embodies creative accessibility with original shapes and colors in a wide range of sizes, from XS to XL, all while remaining affordable.

As a bonus, MOREL will unveil its first Readers to the public.

You can find Morel at

Hall 7 – Stand E254

Odette Lunettes is back at Silmo Paris this year, and they are inviting you to be a part of it. After winning last year’s Silmo d’Or , the Belgium brand wants you to join them at their stunning booth where elegance meets innovation.

There, you can explore their latest Voyeur & Allure frames, Odette Cadet kids’ collection, and Odette Lunettes X Tom Boonen sports collection. Start your day with breakfast and join us throughout for lunch and an evening aperitif.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Odette Lunettes at Silmo Paris 2023. And surely don’t miss out on the TEF Silmo Soirée party, which is held in the Odette booth on Saturday starting at 5 pm!

You can find Odette Lunettes at

Hall 7 – Stand B231

This Silmo, Struktur Eyewear will unveil 4 new models crafted from cellulose acetate, known for its durability and comfort.

The centerpiece is The Equino, characterized by its captivating design, blending day and night symbolism with an elegant frame. The Echo model represents timeless elegance, breaking free from stereotypes to usher in a new era of luxury eyewear. Its oversized design is harmonious, and its temples add depth to its identity. 

The Nova model shines as a star in the Cosmic Elegance Collection, offering sophistication and brilliance. Its variable step bevel and vibrant colors make it a masterpiece of eyewear. The Infinity model pushes boundaries with its octagonal design and vibrant translucent colors. It invites contemplation of the universe, offering a cosmic journey for every gaze.

Additionally, this SILMO they are excited to showcase an array of new colours for their flagship models from the collection!

You can find Struktur at

Hall 7 – Stand C155

In September 2023, the premium brand ic! berlin presents the new models of the SILK and Classic Collections. The new designs captivate with the functional minimalism typical of the brand, bold shapes, and color accents such as Dark Magenta, a rich Blue and the ic! berlin signature shade Vibrant Flame.

From the stylish oversize look of the model Olaf, to the cool cat eye shape of Evelyn, to the highlight of the collection, the acetate hybrid glasses Nika – an incomparable mix of understatement and characterful statement is perfectly balanced in all models. Glen and Roger as new acetate and hybrid styles are also characterized by their expressive shape and at the same time elegant color combinations.

With the new FLEXARBON® collection, the brand will also present a patented innovation at the fair.

You can find ic! berlin at

Hall 7 – Stand F054

Be sure to check out the latest designs from these brands this Silmo, and don’t miss out on the TEF Silmo Soirée party, which is held in the Odette booth on Saturday starting at 5 pm!

See you there!

Maarten Weidema

About Silmo Paris

As a major international optics and eyewear industry event, SILMO has established itself because of its positioning based on three areas – fashion, technology and health – breaking into new markets, promoting innovation and design, and by having a forward-looking approach so as to keep in step with changes to consumption patterns and technological developments.

SILMO has stood the test of time without aging in the slightest! On the contrary, the trade fair demonstrates the strength of its commitments, its uniqueness, and its ability to be at the centre of the international markets. This has been achieved despite the economic vicissitudes that have punctuated its long history. SILMO remains a leading business platform for exhibiting and promoting design and innovation, a focal point for talent and know-how with a wide range of products on display, bringing together frames, lenses, and optical equipment, and layout for retail outlets, services, chains, purchasing departments etc. SILMO is in sync with the global optics and eyewear industry and remains the major event of the autumn. Let’s now take a look back at the key dates which have marked its history and the industry’s history too.

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