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Today, Kayla is wearing a beautiful round shape by EYEFUNC, which unfinished colour line gives it the look of an incomplete circle. Its strong nose bridge accentuates this approach and softens it up a bit.


This frame design is available in four beautiful and contrasting colour combinations. The black/white combination has been a very commercial choice and always works very well. The specially selected red is a strong colour, but very friendly on the face. The green is very calm and looks so beautiful on the face, but you can make a real statement and you stand out from the crowd by choosing the orange/blue that Kayla is wearing here.

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Inspiration from New York, London to Amsterdam, EYEFUNC invests an enormous amount of resources traveling the globe to bring you the most cutting-edge designs. Our design department is intelligent and daring bringing out their concept in every frame.  Their spirit and nerve guarantee original yet commercial collections every season.



Eyefunc is a funky, affordable eyewear brand that is colourful, and contains a designer edge whilst always keeping up to a top quality standard. Our collection contains frames for kids, teens, petites, trendy men and women, but also more classic people who would like to try something different.

Eyefunc is suitable for all practices from city opticians to suburban and regional stores. In general, each model has 4 to 5 different colours in metal combined with acetate, epoxy, and TR-90. TR90 grilamide, which is the official name, is a rubber material that is strong, yet soft and flexible. Because of these characteristics, the material has been in used a lot for sports frames. You can adjust the material, using heat, but this is hardly necessary since the material moulds itself more or less around your head.

All Eyefunc frames are produced using eco-friendly plating; this means that no nickel is being used in the coloring process. This way, people who have a light nickel allergy or are sensitive to nickel can wear our frames comfortably. Moreover, the paint used on the Eyefunc frames has the highest possible quality available. As an extra, Eyefunc takes pride only to work with pre-inspected factories in Japan, South Korea, and France where no children are at labor and employees’ wages abide by the rules of the government.

Shooting: TEFdoesBOISE
Eyewear: Model 988 by EYEFUNC
Model: Kayla Ashlee, optical trainer at Spexy

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