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At Silmo Paris, we had the pleasure to talk to Christophe Miral, the co-owner of Opticien Createur, with several stores on the French Côte d’Azur, and designer for the artisan eyewear brand “Les Frères Miro”. We discussed his latest frame design “Parasol”, which is made of vintage acetate and resembles the stripes and colours of sunshades from the past.

Les Frères Miro, 100% Made in France, is the perfect marriage of past and present with its sun-kissed « créateur » design. Their frames are hand-made in Beaulieu sur Mer facing the sea, and it brings a synergy of durable, high-quality design and a whimsical unique frame. With Les Frères Miro, the sea air from the South of France stays right on the tip of your nose.

Here is a first look previewing our newest limited edition model Parasol, made by hand in their workshop at Beaulieu sur Mer. This new design will soon be out for production at the widely respected fabrication facility in the Jura « Thierry SA ».

This frame is made entirely of vintage acetate, which will specifically be reproduced for the production of this model. The model is polished and undergoes a metal spinner treatment at the end of its creation to give it a more rustic look. The lenses are bi-gradient, with internal anti-reflection finishing, base 2.

Les Frères Miro (which translates into the Miro brothers) is comprised of two brothers, Christophe and François, opticians and optometrists for nearly 20 years. They are impassioned by the world of « créateur » eyewear and have now taken on the challenge of becoming « créateur » fabricants themselves for over a year now. All prototypes are made by hand in their workshop in Beaulieu sur Mer, Côte d’Azur.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their Instagram page.

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