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Feel The Groove with Paradigm’s 2022 ISCC-certified ‘70s inspired Spring Collection using Eastman Acetate Renew & Eastman Tritan Renew materials.

Kenmark Eyewear, a leader in crafting and distributing original optical eyewear and sunglasses, is excited to announce the launch of their ISCC-certified Spring Paradigm collection utilizing Eastman Acetate Renew and Eastman Tritan Renew materials. Kenmark is the first independent eyewear company to achieve ISCC PLUS certification in the US, and announce the launch of their ISCC-certified Paradigm collection.

Paradigm is committed to sustainability, and that’s never been more clear than with their 2022 Spring Collection. This new collection is a special one to them because it’s their first-ever release made from ISCC-certified recycled content. Sustainability has never looked this good.


ISCC is a global independent auditing group that certifies Paradigm’s recycled materials throughout the entire supply chain so customers can feel confident they’re making a purchase that truly supports sustainable practices every step of the way. Using ISCC-certified recycled materials enables Paradigm to reduce the amount of newly produced plastics while also meeting increasing customer demand for sustainable fashion.


Paradigm is proud to offer frames made using Eastman Acetate Renew, featuring 100% sustainable acetate flake comprised of 40% recycled plastic and 60% biobased content from renewable resources.* Their sun lenses are environmentally friendly too, made with Eastman Tritan Renew material, made of 50% recycled plastic and 50% virgin tritan material. (*calculated using the mass balance approach)


Eastman Acetate Renew is made with certified recycled material and bio-based materials sourced from renewable resources, diverting plastic waste from landfills and incinerators while reducing consumption of fossil feedstocks and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Eastman Acetate Renew contributes to circularity: Renew materials are made via Eastman’s molecular recycling technologies using waste plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills. These advanced recycling technologies complement traditional recycling approaches and expand the types and amounts of plastics that can be recycled, this gives materials an extended useful life. The innovation that brings recycled materials into Acetate Renew contributes to replacing fossil-based resources in the production process. The ISCC certified product used in Paradigm will be created through a fully audited value chain – meaning from the factory to brand level, the entire chain is ISCC-certified.


Paradigm’s frame cases are also made of recycled materials.

Kenmark has worked with Mazzucchelli to produce the acetate, to provide the same high quality you expect in the colors you love, while being significantly more sustainable. Mazzucchelli is the first acetate manufacturer to join the Eastman Acetate Renew project. Paradigm is also pleased to share that 20% of proceeds from all Liberty skus within the collection will be donated to the National Forest Foundation.

Inspiration for the collection:

Inspired by famous style icons of the 1970s, you’ll find your groove in the Paradigm Spring Collection. Take a trip back to simpler times when bellbottoms ruled, and rock and roll was king. These casually cool, laid-back looks will have you feeling fun and free to express your fine self. The styles are energetic and bold, offering distinctive colors and iconic shapes for a season full of possibilities and all the good vibes.

  • It’s a really exciting time here at Kenmark with the release of our new ISCC-certified Paradigm product. We feel extremely proud to be a part of the change happening in the eyewear industry where accountability and transparency are key factors in the production process. Not only are the styles fun and fashion-forward, but the brand as a whole is forward-thinking, too. We can’t wait to continue to research and bring you more eco-friendly advancements in the years to come.

  • As part of our on-going commitment to environmentally responsible design and practices, we’re beyond thrilled to release our Paradigm Spring 2022 collection. This season we are dropping an all-acetate assortment made from ISCC certified recycled material. From the start, Paradigm has sought to not only keep up with a rapidly changing world but to be ahead of the curve on what’s coming next. We’re so proud of this collection and our sustainability efforts!

  • I’m so excited that Kenmark is incorporating ISCC certified recycled materials in their Spring 2022 Paradigm collection. Our partnerships with ISCC (governance), Eastman and Mazzucchelli blended so well and allowed our skilled design team to create beautiful styles which help reduce the amount of newly produced plastics and support a circular economy.

  • We are pleased that Kenmark has chosen to gain ISCC PLUS certification and join the growing network of certified eyewear companies and producers around the globe offering frames made from Eastman Acetate Renew. Given Kenmark’s certification, their customers and consumers can be fully confident that when they buy Paradigm frames, they’re helping to keep waste plastic out of landfills and to reduce fossil fuel usage.

  • I’m so excited for the release of our ISCC-certified Spring collection using Eastman Acetate Renew. We are so proud of this special collection as we carefully thought through all the details surrounding it. This is such a large step in the right direction and is just the beginning of our
    sustainability journey as we are always working to improve and become more environmentally friendly. I love this collection and the story behind it, these styles and their 70s feel are so fun and feel this collection is our best yet!

  • It is extremely important for us as a company, that what we do matters– from the partnerships we form, to the product we create, to the customers we service– not just for today, but tomorrow as well. These partnerships have provided the foundation for us to introduce ISCC certified recycled content into our Spring ’22 Paradigm collection launch, and we couldn’t be more excited. The bold looks and vibrant colorations of the collection are sure to stand-out, but using waste plastic as a building block is sure the be the story moving forward. We are thrilled to be one of the leaders introducing it into the market.

  • We are extremely happy to further our efforts towards substantially in our product offering, it is the way forward for our company and industry.

About Kenmark Eyewear:

Kenmark Eyewear is an employee-owned company that designs, markets and distributes optical and sun eyewear and accessories. The company collaborates with top fashion designers and iconic brands to present a wide-ranging eyewear portfolio. Our brand portfolio includes  Paradigm, Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Original Penguin, Lilly Pulitzer, Kensie, Gemma Styles, Dana Buchman, Timex, Jhane Barnes, Republica, Wolverine and house collections. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, distribution is worldwide in over 70 countries ranging from independent optical retailers to boutique shops, luxury department stores and multi-national chains. Specializing in original design, Kenmark Eyewear has spent almost 50 years building a varied and deep supply chain network that sources from the best global factories and sells to the finest retailers and distributors.

Read more about them on TEF Magazine, visit there website or view their latest products at their Mido booth: Pavilion 22 Stand M45.

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