Article One // SS22 Collection and New Campaign

Article One today announces the launch of their SS22 collection and Spring campaign titled “Finding Community with Solar Punk Farms”.

The new SS22 collection consists of 9 new models that add a tremendous amount of variety to the Article One collection while also continuing the same aesthetic through-line of the brand. As a minimalist and subtle brand, Article One is able to show unique attention to detail through
carefully crafted and timeless frames. This is accomplished by adding bevels, steps, and sculpting to these classic acetate shapes.

For the accompanying SS22 campaign, Artice One worked with the married photography team of Allie Leepson (she/her) and Jen McClary (they/them). Allie + Jen are known for their use of natural light and working with everyday people to tell not-so-ordinary stories. Drawing from their own experiences lacking representation, the team focuses on collaborating with the queer community. The campaign is centered on the sustainable and regenerative farm known as Solarpunk Farms.


This communal living space founded by Spencer Scott and Nick Shwanz is an attempt to showcase how communities can live in harmony with nature in a sustainable and egalitarian world. The shoot resulted in more than beautiful and vulnerable photography, but also a story and lesson that inspired the entire Article One team.



Meet the 9 new models:

Delta BLK front
Delta GYCY front
Delta RDHV front
Delta TORT front


A thin acetate frame that is still able to make a statement. With a deep B measurement, this model is able to standout while also remaining a very wearable rectangular standard.


Inspired by the frames of early rock and roll. We like to think that Roy Orbison or Buddy Holly would be glad to wear these in the studio. This model is an upswept wayfarer with very subtle beveling around the entire front and interior rim to provide an extra sense of handcrafted care.

Colby BLHV Front
Colby BRLV front
Colby TORT front
Colby TRBK front


A classic that borders on Avant Garde with an elongated shape and added thickness in order to create a unique and singular design. Along with the unique shape, this model has other unique and handcrafted detailing such as beveling on the brow and rim and thoughtful curvature leading to the end pieces.


Their design team decided to size up their Whitmore model to bring you the Houghton. With a 56 eye, the Houghton provides access to elegance for those searching for a classy shape at that eye size.

Joslin GNCY front
Joslin LVCY front
Joslin PACY front
Joslin TRRD front


A small, yet important update to the Mona, which has always been one of their best-selling feminine models. The update creates a more unique look by adding some angularity to the lens, while keeping the classic cat eye shape of the Mona.


Designed as their take on a luxuriously designed wayfarer. The curvature and beveling of this frame make it stand out even with the ubiquitous wayfarer shape. Because the Murphy was inspired by the wayfarer, this is a nice, slightly oversized, shape for anyone.

Murphy BLUE front
Murphy RUBY front
Murphy TORT front
Murphy WHRS front


Sanford is an update to one of their longest standing and best selling shapes, the Fenton. They updated the Fenton by adding beveling along the rim and brow to bring more hand crafted detail to such a universal fit.


An acetate take on an early metal frame from their collection – the Vista. They even attempted to mirror the details of the original metal design with specific beveling on the front around the rim. It is an easy to wear thin, feminine frame.

Winslow BLGY front
Winslow BLK front
Winslow CLBN front
Winslow GRN front


The Winslow fills a gap in the Article One collection with a 56 eye while remaining classic and subtle. The Winslow blends with any personal style and is perfect for someone searching for a sophisticated and understated frame.

About Article One:

Founded in 2016, Article One is an independent eyewear company based in Michigan. As champions of craftsmanship, the heart of every Article One frame starts with handcrafted eyewear made in a small village in Northern Italy at the base of the Dolomites. Article One produces purposefully designed products with complete brand transparency and a spotlight on the hands that craft their frames. They are proponents of supporting independent optical, giving back to their community, and thoughtful design. The care put into each frame results in quality you can feel.

Read more about this brand on TEF Magazine or visit their website.

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