Markus T // Essential Edition 21

Markus T – What’s essential?

The EDITION 21 of MARKUS T was created during a special time. A challenging time for all of the German brand. And yet, this time has also had its positive aspects.  By putting the brakes on our stressful, day by day life, we have been given extra time to think about what is truly important. Now that the world is turning a little slower, an awareness of values is created that we otherwise unconsciously take for granted.

What does all of this mean for an eyewear brand? MARKUS T has, and never will, follow any trends. Instead of higher, faster, further, we focus on durability, consistency and reliability, while constantly following our own trend: Concentration on the essentials.

Consistence, Concentration, Cooperation, Clarity

These four keywords sum up what guided them in developing the new models. CONSISTENCE stands for durability and reliability, CONCENTRATION is the focus on the essential, COOPERATION illustrates our team spirit – among each other and between the brand and their partners. And CLARITY stands for a clear view of what is important.

Markus T Eyewear
Markus T Eyewear
Markus T Eyewear
Markus T Eyewear

The Edition 21 collection – New but Experienced

Having those C values in mind, we created two new models out of our strong and award-winning collections, DOT MONO and EASE. With the DOT MONO, the focus is on the sophisticated hinge technology. Rounded off by a balanced design, the
the collection has found its way to the top of the market and thus authentically reflects our strengths.

The success of the EASE collection has confirmed: Less can be so beautiful. Concentrating on the essentials was the key factor in the development of our rimless collection. Technical perfection and flexibility in design – simple, beautiful and intelligent. And awarded with four design prices.

The Edition 21 collection – Harmony in Material and Colour

Titanium in anthracite, in combination with up to date colours. The new models are equipped with TMi flex contours in subtle brown-olive and striking orange. The rimless EASE thus creates a colour accent in current colours.
The coloured ring between titanium frame and glass is a new feature of the DOT MONO and creates an exciting combination of the materials titanium and our TMi.

The new models are each available with both colour variants of TMi contours and thereby offering the optician the possibility to change, flexibly.

The Edition 21 models by Markus T:

Dot Mono L1050

[URIS id=29778]

Dot Mono L1051

[URIS id=29783]

Ease A1060

[URIS id=29788]

Ease A1061

[URIS id=29793]

To find out more about this amazing German brand, visit their website.

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