Claire Goldsmith // Double Winstoned

Some while back, my good friend Anna gifted me a pair of original Claire Goldsmith glasses called Winston. A truly amazing frame, which I loved to wear at shows, cause they made me look nerdy baby (There’s nothing more pathetic than an ageing hipster…).

I love to wear eyewear at shows, but with my 20/20 vision, I have no need for correction frames. I think it’s weird to walk the shows wearing sunnies indoors. So my other good friend Eelke fitted them with some photochromic Hoya Sensity lenses with Stabilight Technology and a protective coating that was hard as nails (Oh behave baby…).


As a former eyewear designer, I still know little about lenses, but I must say these Sensity lenses are super comfortable in all different light situations. We tested them outside Eelke’s shop, and the time it took the lens to go from fully clear to its max of a cat 3 was faster then I ever saw before. And it faded back to full clarity as soon as we stepped back inside because of this amazing lens.

While visiting shows, I am constantly walking in and out of the halls, so it’s perfect to not have the struggle of changing between different eyewear all the time. And while my goal was to look nerdy, I went for their flamboyant “Bronze Brown” option. (I also like to live dangerously…).

Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 1F
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 1P
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 2F
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 2P
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 3F
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 3P
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 5P
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 4F
Claire Goldsmith Sunglasses - Winston 4P

While I was super happy with my Claire Goldsmith frame and amazing Hoya lens, Claire herself was in London, where she discovered something new in the OG archive! A collection of “Winter Sunglasses” developed in the late 1960s which used pale tinted mineral lenses.

The original idea being that lighter “Winter Sunglasses” should be worn during the winter months when there was insufficient sunlight to warrant wearing dark lensed “Summer Sunglasses”. With that discovery, her relaunch was born, and Anna proudly passed by to hand me the new OG WINTER SUN version of Winston.

Naturally, she was unaware that I kinda had the same idea to fit this frame with a semi-transparent sun lens, but this new version had some more features that make it absolutely stunning. Because of this, this slightly bigger version is now part of the OG ICON collection and features their iconic three pin hinge system, a 7-barrel (yes baby, seven!…) hinge and comes standard with a category 1 tinted lens.


Claire Goldsmith

Like the originals, OG WINTER SUN comes standard with light fashion tint lens, is ideal for lowlight days, offer full UV protection, and can be used indoors to reduce glare and strain caused by brightly lit offices. Sizing is ideal for optical use as well.

So I am now the proud owner of both the first issue/production run of Claire’s first own design addition to the OG ICONS collection–Winston (2020) WINTER SUN. And the original CLAIRE GOLDSMITH frame which it was derived from under the same name.

I truly hope to be rocking these at the international shows this year, and meeting all you great people again, wearing this sexy frame! I’m not saying it’s hot… but I’m pretty sure the thermometer reads ‘Satan’s Balls.’ See you soon, and Oh Behave!…

Shooting: TEFdoesAMSTERDAM
Eyewear: Winston by Claire Goldsmith in Night-Blue
Lens: Customized Hoya Sensity
Model: Maarten Weidema, TEF Magazine
Photographer: Jeroen Zorgdrager Fotografie

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