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Dressed in a trenchcoat and masculine bulky frame, Anastasia is following several trends for this season. This super-limited edition frame by Gazal Eyewear is called “The Man” and rings in a new generation of comfort and intricate details in eyewear. Its unique shape is edged down from the sides, top, and front with extra faceting giving more depth and personality to the frames. The sides add coining, and diamond laser etching to give it a more profound and luxurious look and shine, which matches her unique and confident style perfectly.

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To top off the look and really make this frame stand out is the temple design. The temples are the second generation of the Wicked collection, which is designed to create ultimate comfort and easy adjustments for your patients. The sleek temple contours the temple with an ergonomic and smooth surface to reduce tension while also being easy to adjust. The temples are made from layered Japanese Titanium and layered to allow simple and quick adjustments to be made for the perfect fit.

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Not only will patients be blown away by the look but the feel & quality really take it over the top. The Man comes in several colour options and consistently find patients taking home multiple pairs/colours. The Man is currently available in Black/Shiny Gold, Burgandy/Gold, Grey/Blue Gradient & Gunmetal, Sand/Copper, & Ocean Blue with Silver.

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[perfectpullquote align=”left” bordertop=”false” cite=”Gazal Tabrizipour” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=”16″]I just won’t wear glasses if they are uncomfortable. Sleekness and fit is important to everyone who wears Gazal Eyewear. This is why so much time is taken to make sure each measurement and each curve of the frame serves a purpose while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic.


Careful attention to the bridge (the part of the glasses that rests on your nose), temple tip ergonomics, and weight distribution are analyzed with each frame design to ensure proper fit and comfort.[/perfectpullquote]

Gazal, pronounced Giselle, is a local eyewear designer located in Roswell & Atlanta. Gazal has been an eyewear designer for over a decade but has had a strong interest in eyes ever since she was a child. Still to this day, you can catch her doodling eyes, new frames, and contact lenses just for fun! She has over 20 years of experience in the eye care industry doing just about everything from assisting patients with glasses and contacts, running her own practice, to working on set with big film productions.

Gazal is a licensed Optician in Georiga holding her ABO, NCLE and state license. She obtained her Opticianary degree at Georgia Piedmont College and graduated with honours. Shortly after obtaining her degree, she opened her first luxury eye care boutique in 2008, Atlanta Vision Optical.

Gazal is also a Film Lens Tech & Eyewear Designer for many of the major film and television shows that are made right here in Georgia. She has worked alongside some of the biggest actors as their personal lens technician including Jason Mimoa, Norman Reedus, Jon Bernthal, John Malcovich, Michael Douglas, and many more. She has worked on many films such as Ant-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, The Walking Dead, & Spiderman.

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A good product sells itself with little influence from the Optician. Gazal realized early on that details and quality are important aspects to look for when choosing who to work with and when shopping for any item, including glasses. “Why would you ever put anything on your face that wasn’t made well and looks great?”

The eyewear products truly speak for themselves. Each frame is carefully handcrafted using lightweight & durable titanium material so that you have the most comfortable and long-lasting glasses possible. The medical-grade Japanese titanium metals are also the most durable in the world so that you will have a product that will last a lifetime. “Not all titanium metals are equal.”

The frame life is also very dependent on the hinge design and materials. The hinge is usually the first part that breaks on a pair of glasses because it is constantly being stressed, opened, and closed. Because so much stress is on the hinge Gazal has spent years on choosing the best materials and designs. Even the type of screws used in the hinge is carefully selected so that you have a long-lasting design.

Shooting: TEFdoesMOSCOW
Eyewear: The Man, by Gazal Eyewear
Model: Anastasia Dyuzhenkova, eyewear influencer at Nastya I Ochki

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