Nirvan Javan // Inspired by Tokyo

Although worn in a completely different Metropolitan city, the design of this beautiful titanium frame by NIRVAN JAVAN that Anastasia is wearing was inspired by the Japanese metropolis of Tokyo, which served as the inspiration for his exclusive titan frames. The interplay of traditional craftsmanship and urban city culture is reflected in his Tokyo collection and gives it a unique character.

4F9A0324 lens
4F9A0354-2 lens
4F9A0305 lens
4F9A0345 lens

Handmade in Japan, the puristic designs are characterized by lightness and high quality.  It not only reflects the cosmopolitan facet of NIRVAN JAVAN, but also adds five handcrafted, filigree and unique titanium models to its previous collections.

4F9A0324 lens H
4F9A0388 lens
4F9A0395 lens
4F9A0343 lens

The vibrant metropolis of Tokyo served as the source of inspiration for the current premium collection, consisting of five different titanium frames. The cosmopolitan city fascinates both with its linear architecture and pulsating atmosphere. No other city combines traditional high culture with modern high-tech more perfectly than the capital of Japan.

By integrating all these expressive attributes of the world metropolis, NIRVAN JAVAN continues to pursue its stylistic journey around the globe and consolidates the new conceptual approach of a philosophy of diversity and freedom that knows no limits.

NIRVAN JAVAN_Tokyo_01_27
NIRVAN JAVAN_Tokyo_01_29

The filigree frames of the TOKYO collection were manufactured from the elegant and particularly light material titanium. The lightness of the glasses adds not only a modern and luxurious flair but also ensures a stylish look. The striking cubic shapes of the frames and the classic colours BLACK, ROSE GOLD, GOLD and SILVER are clearly in the spotlight of the TOKYO collection. Exclusively handcrafted in Japan, the first-class processed models once again underline the high-quality standards of the brand NIRVAN JAVAN.

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About Nirvan Javan

Behind the brand, NIRVAN JAVAN is the same-named designer and trained optician of Persian origin.

At a young age his creative talent, from which he developed his own forms of expression, was already evident. Clear and elegant aesthetics, pursuing perfection as well as purism characterize the designer’s unmistakable signature.

The attitude to walk through life open-minded and to experience the world in its diversity, motivated the creative cosmopolitan to create his own interpretation of the existing world.

NIRVAN JAVAN was created. Inspired by the history of the designer, the symbiosis of cultures gives rise to a new consciousness: an invitation to see the world with one’s own eyes.

At the NIRVAN JAVAN ATELIER in Zurich, the future is designed with passion and attention to detail – new designs are constantly being created.

Shooting: TEFdoesMOSCOW
Eyewear: TOKYO 01:00 (JST) by NIRVAN JAVAN
Model: Anastasia Dyuzhenkova, eyewear influencer at Nastya I Ochki

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