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Although it’s one of the most well-known British brands, the beautiful handmade frames from Kirk and Kirk are manufactured by skilled craftsmen in France, and therefore an obvious contender for our “Amazing Eyewear – Made in France” publications.

Colourful, distinctive, premium eyewear for creative individuals. Fusing 100 years of family history with innovation and style, this British independent brand creates stand-out, handmade spectacles and sunglasses of unparalleled quality.

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In 2013, Karen and Jason Kirk founded Kirk & Kirk, a legacy eyewear brand with a fresh outlook. Using directional design and vibrant colour, the award-winning duo’s signature has become its distinctive acrylic frames, traditionally crafted but light, flexible and durable.

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Designed in the UK, the frames are handmade from start to finish in one factory in France, using materials specially created from a single factory in Italy. Immediately recognisable for their style, shape and colour, Kirk & Kirk eyewear is synonymous with a sense of individuality and self-expression.

Kirk & Kirk optical frames are sold in 40 countries. The high quality eyewear has been worn by Elton John, Fat Boy Slim, Morrissey and Morcheeba. They have been awarded a Newcomers Award at Hall Of Frames, and at the London Design Awards.

Kirk and Kirk is an eyewear line for individuals. A line that is boldly expressive and proudly inclusive, with shapes that break boundaries. Kirk & Kirk frames are authentic, inspirational, and confident, just like the people who wear them.

Jason Kirk grew up in optics, his grandfather Sidney and his great uncle Percy founded Kirk Brothers in 1919 when they converted an old sewing machine into a lens cutter. Karen Kirk studied design in London and was working for Saatchi and Saatchi when she turned to optics.

Motivated by a strong family legacy and a desire to bring something new to the eyewear market, Jason and Karen Kirk started Kirk & Kirk as a line to innovate and inspire. The line was immediately a success and their frames are now sold in 30 countries worldwide and have been seen on the red carpet and in popular TV series. 

Kirk & Kirk represents the legacy of the generations that came before while keeping an eye the to the future and the possibilities not yet imagined.

Kirk & Kirk is a family business at heart. A family with optics in their genes. A family with integrity and pride in every frame they produce. Jason and Karen Kirk have created an eyewear experience that is authentic, confident, and representative of the creative individuals who wear their frames.

Kirk & Kirk has developed their own acrylic for use in the construction of all their frames. Acrylic is an extremely durable and light material that, uniquely, does not lose adjustment or stretch out over time. A seemingly endless array of color is possible through acrylic that is not possible through acetate, the traditional material for eyewear.

Want to learn more about their amazing collections, check out their website here.

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