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Since 1946 FLAIR manufactures world-renowned lightweight premium design eyewear in the heart of Germany. Over 75 years of experience and pioneership in creating and producing eyewear with that “certain something”. The goal is simple: Creating unique contemporary masterpieces with timeless beauty. And the maximum lightness and wearing comfort. Key to achieving this is combining the huge experience in design and production, modern high-tech processes and traditional craftsmanship.


Over the many decades FLAIR has become a symbol of lightness. Starting rimless eyewear as the embodiment of lightness and inventing some of best patented rimless technologies, including the unique pure technology series combining the typical FLAIR values of lightness, comfort and design in an unparalleled manner.

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Knowing that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication, it is not surprising that every FLAIR passes several hundreds of well-matched work steps (sometimes even up to 700) to become a real FLAIR that meets the requirements of ultimate lightness and quality according to sharp German values and standards.

Latest TEF shoot:


Eyewear export for Vogue Brazil “Chantal Goldfinger” wearing Ella by Flair, a cute pair of rimless women’s glasses with statement lenses that will give you an unrivaled look! These particular frames were developed especially for Berlin’s fashion week and many of the celebrities and influencers there were impressed by the lightness, quality and minimalistic look.

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