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We all know the struggle, a client who wants a specific style in a color that isn’t available. A client who wants something that they can’t quite find, or a client that can never find glasses that fit them properly. In order to serve these clients adequately, we are typically forced to carry as broad a selection of frames as possible. This often means housing hundreds, if not thousands of frames, in order to have enough selection on hand. All in the hope that we might have a few options that a client can choose from.

This has been the approach of the entire optical industry since its inception, the “spray and pray.” This approach has led to a decline in the perceived value that an optical professional can bring to the eyeglass shopping experience, thus the creep towards the commoditization of our industry.


How can we elevate a client’s experience and bring back the value of the optical professional? What if there was a collection that allowed you to create and alter designs to be exactly what your client desired? We have started to see this in collections that offer 3D printed frames, but these still present major limitations and do not create the most refined finished product. This will improve, but what do we do in the meantime?

EGO Custom Eyeglasses is an example of how we can offer our clients an evolved purchasing experience now. Utilizing the incredible technology developed by 3DNA Eyewear, EGO Custom Eyeglasses has launched with a platform that allows for clients to choose from one of their “made to measure” solutions or create something that is truly custom. Operating like a tailor, EGO Custom Eyeglasses lets clients choose the materials, colors and make alterations to the style to meet their aesthetic. Then, like a tailor, they craft the frame to the client’s exact measurements.

Material choices range from, Mazzucchelli Acetate, Carbon Fiber, Cork, Horn, Shell, Stone, Titanium and Vinyl, the client never feels limited. Unlike a tailor though, the changes are not made immediately into a finished product. EGO Custom Eyeglasses uses the 3DNA design platform to make changes digitally, showing the client what the frame will look like, how it will fit and ultimately make any additional alterations needed all in real-time.

Allowing for the customer to feel they are part of the process and fully confident in the finished result. Each frame is a one-off masterpiece that is made using traditional manufacturing, so the result is a frame that reflects the quality that clients expect, and a client knows were made just for them. Giving the client an experience like they have never had from the optical industry before.

To learn more about this amazing new option for customers, or to find out how you can bring this amazing new technology to your office, visit or contact Ed O’Brien at

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