How to Attract & Inspire Adventurous Eyewear Buyers

Top tips for Optical Professionals

Many optical professionals tell me that they would like to be able to encourage their clients to be more adventurous in their eyewear choices. However, they feel they are hitting a brick wall when their clients ultimately end up purchasing the ‘safe option – ‘that one pair which goes with everything’.

One of the things we do daily at our practice, and I believe we excel at, is helping people step out of their comfort zone. We aim to show our clients new possibilities, and how being a little bolder and braver, can empower them and potentially change their lives for the better!

But before I jump into my top 4 tips of how you can transform your clients from frustrated to fabulous, I want to share with you a few testimonial snippets from clients’ we’ve styled in practice. Each one has been empowered to try something new!

 “WOW – what an amazing experience!! I went in for new glasses and came away with a whole new outlook on life. The styling consultation resulted in me being shown some fantastic frames and I quickly found THE ONES. They made me feel AMAZING and I was given the confidence to try something I would not normally have tried – they were so right – these were my HAPPY GLASSES and I didn’t want to take them off”

Laura, client

“The magically skilled team introduced me to colour and style and was able to show me a selection of lovely frames all in my colour spectrum. I tried them on, and eventually with difficulty -because ALL the frames were so beautiful – narrowed it down to 3 pairs! This whole experience was such a breath of fresh air and so different to any other practice I have visited!”

Karen, client

“ I have never liked wearing glasses because of the way I look in them. This has just changed! I thoroughly enjoyed my whole ‘choosing experience’ in that Eva discussed colours and shapes that would suit me as well as what would fit in with my personality, all the while realising that it was very important to me that I look stylish. She then brought a tray of really fabulous eye wear to choose from; it was all rather exciting! I have now had my 2 new pairs of glasses for a week and have received so many compliments about them. The fact that I can see so much more through them really is an aside!’’

Trish, client

“I had a fabulous experience, completely different to a high street shop. I felt respected, listened to and I had lots of fun too. My eye appointments used to be almost as stressful as going to a dentist! But not any more. I’ve found a real gem and I don’t think I can ever go anywhere else! The frame and colour consultation was fabulous and I feel epic in my frames thanks to sparkly Eva and Zoe” Sam, client

So How Can You Inspire Your Clients To Do The Same?

Inspire: (VERB) To fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

HOT TIP 1: Be The Change You Want To Inspire.

How many pairs of glasses do you own? Are you bold with your eyewear choices – having stepped out of your comfort zone – or do you take the safe option? If you want to inspire your clients to be more adventurous then you absolutely need to do the same, no excuses!  Your character and your actions will inspire people more than anything else. The only way to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone is to step out of your own.

HOT TIP 2:Tell Stories

You know how you hate being told you should do something? Well stories don’t directly tell people what they should do. They inspire and trigger people’s imaginations, connect to their emotions and open them up to new possibilities.

Build up a collection of your client and teams stories to inspire:- E.g. 1. How you used to be afraid of bold eyewear and how because of x, y z you now absolutely love it- the bolder the better!

2.How client, Mrs Jones, was afraid to try new eyewear as she worried what others thought. However, once she finally took the brave step, so many people complimented her that she now she has 10 pairs and doesn’t care at all what others think. If she likes them she has them!

3.How Mr Jones got his dream job because he had a fab pair of specs and his eyewear made him memorable.

Personally, my eyewear choices have got me noticed on social media, stopped in the street and have led to multiple offers of style publications in national magazines, webinars, fashion collaborations, key note talks and even modelling! So I can say with absolute certainty that my  bold eyewear choices have certainly had an impact on my life!

People love inspiring stories. They open up possibilities of what their own life could be like if they tried something new.


HOT TIP 3: Be Authentic And Know Your Stuff!

A few years ago I heard an actor and producer say:

Your audience have these little antennae, they can tell when you are not being authentic, they may not know why or how, but something feels off.  So even when you believe you are fooling them, I am telling you, you are not. People have built in bull**** detectors.”  Mark Pegg

And these wise words apply to business too.  It’s important to be authentic and knowledgeable. When you are guiding people to step out of their comfort zones they must connect to you and trust you implicitly. If any part of them questions you and thinks “I’m not sure this person really knows what they are talking about when it comes to style?”, do you really think they will listen when you are persuading them to be more daring?

Professor Robert Cialdini in his fantastic book ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ explains the idea that people follow the lead of credible knowledgeable experts. It’s important that your clients clearly understand what makes you credible and knowledgeable in styling, i.e. -the language you use, your styling certifications – if you have them – and the way you look yourself. On a subconscious level, clients will be influenced more by a trained styling expert than someone who is just giving their personal opinion.

If you are lacking styling confidence in any way, despite the fact you may feel you are doing a pretty convincing job, your clients are probably picking this up.

HOT TIP 4 : Empower Your Client

As well as your clients trusting you, you need to trust them. When you’re inspiring people, you’re not telling them exactly which pair they should have. You’re empowering them to make their own decisions.

This may come as a surprise to you. But I rarely make the final frame choice or choices for my clients. This is not about my ego, or my personal tastes. This is about what my client loves and feels great in and I empower them to make that decision themselves.

Do I help them as a trusted expert? Oh yes! I guide them through my specific styling process, discover who they really are. We chat about the colours they love, wear and work for their colouring, and I then bring them a selection of frames which take into account all of those things.

Together we have fun and chat through the possibilities. But ultimately, they are the ones who sit there, put on a frame and say, “Yes, this is me!”

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