Erkers 1879 // The Story of the Trumpet

At today’s shoot in downtown Boston, Alissa is wearing a cool panto shape called Johnson by Erkers 1879. Each season they release a new icon that relates some way to their 141-year history. For this season, it is The Story of the Trumpet.
The trumpet is an instrument that’s been around for centuries. Today, the trumpet is commonly used in classical and jazz music. Legendary jazz musician Miles Davis was born and raised in the St. Louis area. The trumpet was his instrument of choice. Davis was known as one of the most important musicians of the 20th century, and the most revered jazz trumpeter of all time also known as “Mr. Cool”. Throughout history, the trumpet has also been used in battle, hunting, or to notify others what’s coming. We like to think of our eyewear as classical, yet revolutionary. We are constantly changing and using innovative ways to craft our eyewear.
With the use of 3D printers, we are now able to design our frames and quickly make adjustments needed before we go into production. And with the current Covid-19 situation, we feel like we are currently in battle using our trumpet to notify others about how we are moving our company on for another 141 years.
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About Erkers 1879

A Family Company Since 1879 Inspired by the generations that came before us, we have dedicated our lives to the art of beautiful eyewear. For over 140 years the Erker family continues to design high quality, fine eyewear that can last a lifetime.

The Generations that came before us contributed greatly to the success of our company. We truly believe that the only way to make great products in the future is to appreciate and give thanks to those who helped pave the way. We honor our ancestors and their milestones within our company with the emblems below. Throughout our collection, you will find these insignias discretely placed throughout our collection.

Founded in Saint Louis. MO in 1879 by A.P. Erker, the company remains under family control today. The company maintains its headquarters in Saint Louis, for past 140 years.

Shooting: TEFdoesBOSTON
Eyewear:  Johnson in Gold / Pink by Erkers 1879
Model:Alissa Bourne – Co-owner at Soma Optical
Photographer: Christos Karabelas

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