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Afterbang has never been scared to change his method of working to adapt it to a new situation. To protect our customers, when we prepare orders, we sanitize our frame before putting them inside the box. We know liquidity will not be easy for the next year, so we decide to extend our ”try it for free” promotion. With this promotion, you can try our product for sixty days if you don’t like it after it, you can return the frame to the office to receive full credit. Afterbang has always been a partner for optical professionals, and want to prove it more than never.


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About Afterbang Eyewear

Afterbang was born in Montreal, in 2011, from the love of two amateur skiers for their sport and their creative genius. Shortly after, an equally passionate and creative entrepreneur joins them in order to scale up the Afterbang brand. Since then, Afterbang glasses and accessories can be found in more than 200 outlets across Canada.

Afterbang is the state of mind of creative individuals. It is the admiring and triumphant look that one poses while realizing, with disarming ease, a creation known to be perfect. It’s stepping back, hands by your side (or in your pockets, as you wish …), in a triumphant stance, in proud admiration of what you’ve accomplished … Afterbang!

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