Bold Trends at Bold Optical Fair

Tradeshow season has started again and this years kick-off was at Bold Optical Fair. At this breathtaking show, we are looking deeper into the upcoming trends for 2020. Here is a little overview:

3d printed:

As a true design freak, I am not a fan of most 3D printed frames. I often don’t see the point in it. Even the “tailor-made” argument is often mostly just marketing in my opinion. It is a different story however when the 3d print technique is used to create shapes that are not feasible with conventional production processes. Beautiful works of art without having to wear a heavy frame are therefore entirely in line with the trend.

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The aviator can no longer be ignored. It is more of a classic than a real trend. But with the new Top Gun film that is coming next year, we see more and more spin-offs from this popular model emerging. Various double bridge variations, super minimalist frames and influences from the Camp are the trend.

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Camp is a collective name for cultural expressions that consciously use kitschy elements and love of exaggeration. Art that presents itself seriously, but cannot be taken completely seriously because it is ‘too much’. In eyewear, this translates into exceptional shapes and color use, often with elements such as contrasting prints and decorations.

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Negative Space:

Something we have seen repeatedly over the past period is the use of Negative Space. Physically empty areas that are framed by material or visual empty areas by combinations of opaque and transparent materials. This architectural way to create visual illusions through intricate cutouts adds a touch of prestige to the frame design, without making it too complicated and without drawing attention to the identity of the wearer.

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In contrast to the striking Camp, the nudes are hot this season. Skin-colored frames give you a soft and warm appearance. Wearing beige or semi-transparent tints from head to toe is a sleek look for those who want to stay trendy, but stay stylish and follow a minimalist aesthetic. Customize your accessories with your clothes and you have the ultimate fashion look this season.

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Space Age:

When the condition of the earth seems daunting, we turn to look at space. Designers are often inspired by the cultural climate and pay tribute to intergalactic events via the catwalks. From oversized metal frames to visible technological design features, this season’s catwalks had a heavenly theme. Fall and winter clothing usually leads us to richer fabrics and shiny materials, but this season, we focus on the high gloss of patent and perspex and the reflection of space-age silver. Wear geometric jewelry and put on extra-terrestrial, oversized and structured pieces for the perfect space look.

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Sustainable is a fairly broad concept. A brand is only fully sustainable if it has thought of all aspects, such as production, packaging, shipping. There are not many brands that are fully sustainable, but fortunately, there are already several that really make a good effort, by working with biodegradable raw materials. Frames of wood, stone, bio acetate. But also production processes such as 3d printing contribute to the whole zero-waste trend.

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