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Young. Innovative. Individually. Step into the world of You Mawo, which means „Your Magical World“. Every place, every space, every animal and every person is individual, why aren’t our glasses individual? This question was asked by the founders in Thailand years ago. Six years later, You Mawo is already one of the most well-known eyewear brands in the field of custom-made 3D printing glasses based on a scan made in Germany. But what’s the meaning of individually or custom-made in terms of eyewear?

Step by step ….

In the beginning you will have a selection of eyewear models. You can choose from the collections Classic, Air and Sun. After trying out the different eyewear models, I opted for the model You Mawo – Bomi Air (picture 2).


If you have found your favorite, your face will be scanned accurately and all data stored in the system. Afterwards, you can choose the preferred color for your glasses. I wanted the Bomi Air in the color black and also the bridge width should be changed slightly. Afterward the process of making the individual You Mawo glasses take place, which is produced by using the 3D printing process, one of the most advanced technologies.


After production, the shipment will be made exclusively to selected opticians, such as Bitsche Augenoptik & Hörakustik in Bludenz, Austria. The delivery time of the glasses is about 15 working days. But I already can tell you: the wait is worthwhile!


The big plus in addition to the individuality of the glasses is that every customer gets a satisfaction guarantee on the fit accuracy of his customized glasses. With enthusiasm, I tried my individual frame and I was especially happy about the little add-on, my personal engraving „FACEPRINT“.


In the best case, the refraction (vision measurement) and the glass advice were already carried out in advance by the optician. Thus, it can be guaranteed that the glasses were already ground in the frame at the workshop and the customer can take home the finished glasses.

It is exciting to see which possibilities and changes can be offered with individual glasses. For this reason, I also recommend you to immerse yourself in the „magical world“. Think about your eyewear preferences and look for a You Mawo optician to make the perfect glasses for you. If you want to learn more about the individual and technical steps, just click here.

I am wearing my individual You Mawo frame since a while now and can confirm that the comfort and lightness of the glasses are unbeatable. Put on, feel good and catch compliments. At the moment I am constantly experiencing this situation with these glasses and that is, of course, a good experience.

I would like to highlight an important program by You Mawo at this point. YOUMAWO CARES is an initiative of You Mawo that helps families who have Down syndrome or autism and can not find suitable eyewear. In these cases, You Mawo reduces the retail price of the glasses to 1 EUR (for legal reasons, the glasses can not be completely given away for free). A really great thing! So tell others …

Blogpost first published on / eyewear blog in cooperation with You Mawo

Photos: Marina Schedler Photography
Eyewear: You Mawo, Bomi Air
Location: Bitsche Augenoptik & Hörakustik, Bludenz, Austria 

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