Vuliwear // The awesome eyes of insects

Patricia is wearing Deuces by Vuliwear, a silver light-weight metal aviator featuring fully polarized nylon lenses with a mirror coating design. Their line of designer sunglasses is inspired by the awesome eyes of insects. In this case, the Striped Horsefly. Insect’s compound eyes are full of rich colors and patterns rarely seen with the naked eye. Thanks to the collaboration with Essilor Sun Solution, Vuliwear is able to bring this unique concept to life in beautiful shades for the summer.

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The beautiful array of colors and unique design patterns in an insect’s eyes can only be seen when magnified for the human eye. Their compound eyes are made up of thousands of mini eyes that come together to form patterns that are truly awesome. Not only are their eyes beautiful, but each pattern gives them a unique personality. We believe our customers will choose Vuliwear designs that mirror their personality, so we thoughtfully named each style to reflect a particular mood or personality.

Striped Horsefly
QE3A4315 (1)
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Deuces right

While the Vuliwear frame designs are classic, the lenses are extraordinary thanks to the creative design technology called E-Sun Magicoat ‘Couture Design’, the Essilor Sun Solution special coatings to enhance the beauty of sun lenses. Couture Design enables exclusive personalized design to be “printed” on the lens in order to create extraordinary effects without affecting the perfect and clear vision at all.

About the brand:

Vuliwear is a unique line of designer accessories inspired by nature. Vuli means “shade” in Swahili – is the first of more to come featuring exclusive designs, colors and patterned lenses, framed in a classic aviator with a twist. Vuliwear shades are classic and cool unisex aviator metal frames made in Italy with high-quality polarized lenses that reduce glare for better color, clarity and provide up to 100% UV ray protection from the sun. Vuliwear sunglasses expose the hidden beauty and uniqueness that surround us every day by cleverly incorporating them into fashion.

Shooting: TEFdoesPORTO
Eyewear: Deuces by Vuliwear
Model: Patricia Vieites, Executive director at LookVision Portugal
Photographer: Miguel Silva

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