Nirvan Javan – Shades 19 collection

Nirvan Javan, the Swiss brand with a creative soul and a puristic design, introduces the collection SHADES 19: 5 unisex models, inspired by the most successful Nirvan Javan Eyewear optical frames and equipped with high quality lenses. The Carl Zeiss licensed SHADES 19 come with a backside anti-reflection coating and each model includes a polarized variation. The colors are in line with the identity of the brand and cover the spectrum from simple elegant to a slight fashionable touch.

The collection adapts to the latest eyewear trends and the handwriting of the Swiss designer with Persian roots creates the unique appearance of the SHADES 19. Each single frame has its own lenses and this guarantees a perfect stylistic balance to every model.

NJE-S 12:
Perfect for those who enjoy shifting from casual to elegant outfits and vice versa. It’s available in 4 colors: two different Black, Grey and Transparent.
[URIS id=10630]

NJE-S 13:
A minimal and contemporary shape that shows the nuances the designer is famous for. It’s available in 4 colors: two different Black, Grey, Transparent.
[URIS id=10644]

NJE-S 09:
These round sunglasses represent the timeless classic style, remastered in a contemporary way. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different Gold.
[URIS id=10660]

NJE-S 10:
This square-shaped navigator model is perfect for those who are nostalgic of times gone by, but at the same time want to keep up with the latest trends. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different Gold.
[URIS id=10674]

NJE-S 11:
A slightly square-shaped design that adapts to any situation. A classic shape you can never get bored of. It’s available in 4 colors: Black, Silver and two different Gold.
[URIS id=10688]

The simplicity and the purism of these shapes make it possible to fit many faces, enhancing one’s natural beauty. The designer himself is a perfectionist and experienced optician who puts all his knowhow and passion into his designs. It shows off in the SHADES 19 collection like in all the Nirvan Javan Eyewear. For more information, check out his website.

Author: maarten weidemaAfter being a freelance eyewear designer since 1999, TEF founder Maarten Weidema now solely writes about his fellow designers in the optical industry. His passionate mission is to promote independent eyewear to the international optical arena, backed up by a large group of bloggers and journalists from all over the world. He has recently been awarded "International Optical Personality of the Year", "Leading Innovator in Optical Social Media Marketing", "Social Media Marketing Company of the Year" and received several awards for "best eyewear blog" for his efforts to promote independent eyewear to a community of 517.000 eyecare professionals.

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