Johnny Loco wants to get rid of mass production

The Dutch brand Johnny Loco, known for the iconic Beach Cruisers, launches its new limited S/S ’19 sunglasses collection. This year four bestsellers have received a facelift and new designs have been added. The collection is produced in limited quantities and will be re-ordered in small batches to prevent overproduction.


For years Johnny Loco has been inspired by films and series. Therefore, each model bears the name of a famous film character. These names personify the character and atmosphere, or the spirit of the time in which the films take place, such as Jay from The Great Gatsby and the roaring 20s or Frances which expresses the atmosphere of Grace Kelly on the French Riviera.

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Materials & Quality

By working together with a traditional manufacturer in Portugal who has been working with the highest quality materials for generations, the quality on the product is guaranteed. The family business works as accurately as possible, and waste materials are minimized. Johnny Loco selects cellulose acetate plates from, among others, Mazzucchelli, which have been “cured” in the factory’s basement for years under the right conditions. Hardly any new plates are produced for the collection and the colors are determined based on what is in stock; sometimes these are long forgotten colors which are no longer available at suppliers. Which makes the products unique and limited.

Cellulose acetate from Italy, genuine rivet hinges (for extra durability) and only the best Columbia Resin (CR) #39 (100% UV-resistant) lenses – with anti-reflective coating on the inside – from Germany, complete this product. Entirely produced in Europe by the best suppliers and with the best materials.


About Johnny Loco

Johnny Loco is the only lifestyle brand that designs, produces and sells delivery tricycles (also known as ‘bakfietsen’), bicycles, glasses and watches. Originally Dutch. Proud and stubborn. From the studio in the Netherlands the products find their way all over the world. Craftsmanship is the basis. Johnny Loco’s lifestyle the source of inspiration. The products are made with effort, love and attention to every single detail. The goal: stylish products that contribute to the Johnny Loco feeling in daily life. The feeling of freedom.

For more information, check out their website.

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