Help Phil with Medical Bills After Heart Surgery

I guess most of you know Philippe Vergez, the acclaimed designer and passionate founder of Philippe V, the beautiful eyewear and jewellery brand.

Unfortunately, Philippe is suffering from a heart disease that requires immediate attention and close monitoring for the foreseeable future.  Last weekend, he’s had his stage one surgery which was positive and is now getting some much needed rest.. But, this is only a temporary measure as open-heart surgery will most likely be unavoidable within the next 48 months.

While Philippe is fortunate to be insured and covered for most of his surgeries, the ancillary expenses needed to help him recover are immensely costly and not fully taken into considerations.. Just for this last operation, he still needs to fill in a US$15K gap and this does not include any of the additional recovery costs needed for on-going support.

None of us are protected against what he’s going through and we ourselves, are all at risk of facing Philippe’s ordeal tomorrow. I am now appealing to you, vibrant members and pillars of our united community, and ask for your kind consideration in contributing to this fundraiser to help Philippe and his family overcome the current and future burdens that are unconditionally attached to this condition.

We rise by lifting others…


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