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At Opti Munich, we had the opportunity to talk to Corrado Rosson. After designing amazing (and I mean AMAZING) eyewear for so many years, Corrado is now following his own heart, creating LIGHTBIRD, the eyewear collection of his dreams. I won’t go too deep into the subject here, and spoil the video, but let’s just say he found a way to merge metal and acetate design in a very unique way, that to with my 20 years experience as an eyewear designer still just sounds impossible. Yet I saw it with my very own eyes. Unique stuff!

LIGHTBIRD is on the market as a start-up that, through two patents, offers a unique and innovative product. LIGHTBIRD embodies a world of values that can be identified with a “nest”, ready to welcome those who are willing to share the same features. Indeed, technology is the means with which LIGHTBIRD succeeds in establishing a link with the entire supply chain and, specifically, with opticians, helping them to retain their customers. This relationship is established through a system called Light_nest that involves the use of an APP and the reading of the unique serial number inserted in the QR code positioned in the temple tip of each pair of glasses.

Innovation is in the D.N.A. of the brand also from the production point of view. LIGHTBIRD, in fact, adopts a new material, Light_matter, derived from the union of two materials: Italian acetate and hi-tech light aluminium alloy. Light_matter is the name given to the first collection, consisting of 13 prescription models and 2 sunglasses.


Mod_DESERT_LB013 col.C046_indossato1
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Mod_DESERT_LB013 col.C046_indossato2

Clean lines and innovative material Light_matter. The Animalier style and the hi-tech metal monochromatic frontal, make Desert a decisive and contemporary optical frame. Ideal for an informal casual look as well as a youthful formal one.


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Mod_FOX_LB002 col.C042_indossato2
Mod_FOX_LB002 col.C042_indossato1
Mod_FOX_LB002 col.C017_indossato

The FOX prescription model is dedicated to those who love following the style without sacrificing visual well-being. The minimal shape is enhanced by the contrast of materials, on the part of the lenses, where the metal placed frontally meets the acetate.


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In honour of its name, Vulcan, in this model, we find strong chromatic contrasts. The innovative material Light_matter, in this case, generates a strong chromatic contrast that defines the colour C026. The monochromatic front in “light off” anthracite metal contrasts with the Light Orange acetate just like the incandescent lava on the slopes of a volcano. The easy shape makes Vulcano a contemporary eyewear and suitable for every face. Ideal for both a casual, informal look and a youthful, sporty one.


© Davide Dal Mas | All Rights Reserved
© Davide Dal Mas | All Rights Reserved
© Davide Dal Mas | All Rights Reserved

The sun model PLANET is characterized by a vintage style shape. The rounded lenses bring us back to the great splendour of the first decades of the twentieth century, but the innovative production system leads to a contemporary style. On the left lens, the tiny round detail refers to LIGHTBIRD’s logo: the bird’s eye.

Designer: Corrado Rosson
TEFtalk location: Opti Munich

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