Trend forecast 2020

The world’s trend authority for creative thinkers WGSN presented The Forecast 2020 at last weeks Mido. This included the three Macro trends for the season, Code Create, Empower Up and Designing Emotion, as well as key colours, materials and key items. WGSN will also deliver 3 key store trends to inspire and excite consumers with the latest visual merchandising trends.

Code Create:

Code Create explores the marriage of science, technology and nature and how this will rewrite the code for how we dress and design products. The focus here is on innovative designs and new future-facing materials.

Empower up:

Empower Up! is a youthful, upbeat trend inspired by the growing influence of Gen Z and emerging economies. Designs combine playful and sustainable elements and tap into sun-soaked Miami references for vacation capsules.

Designing Emotions:

Designing Emotion explores how tech and craftsmanship can work hand in hand to create pieces that celebrate imperfection and offer a deeper post-purchase connection. Handcrafted textures and premium materials are key.

Key Colours:

WGSN’s Key Colours presents a first glimpse of the five tones set to make the biggest impact in 2020 – a year when the future truly arrives, as advances in science and technology reach the mainstream. This will be the moment when we look forward more than we look back, and our selection feeds into this progressive mood.  Colours are optimistic and versatile, and also herald a return to cooler, crisper hues with a futuristic edge.

Key Materials:

WGSN’s Key Materials presents the need-toknow directions to help you start planning your S/S 20 collections. For 2020, consider using natural materials and upcycle waste, as sustainability becomes more and more a key driver for the consumer. Alongside this, the appeal of rare and one-of-akind pieces will remain strong. Invest in vintage samples to tap into the burgeoning desire to stand out from the crowd.

VM Trends Overview:

As the consumers demand for individuality, wellness and experience is ever growing, WGSN predicts three key trends for in-store design and these will be presented at MIDO 2019 Edition.


Naturally, WGSN’s very own Sara Maggioni went a little bit deeper into the matter. For our Italian speaking followers here, enjoy this little video:

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