TEFtalk – Brevno, Siberian Eyewear

At the Bold Optical Fair, we found our old friend Fedor, which you maybe saw in our reviews from London and Munich. If you think Fedor’s and his companion Artem’s last names sound Russian, (Fedor’s name is Smirnov, while Artem’s name is Korovin!!), you should have a look at their amazing wooden eyewear, which is handmade in Siberia!

Their brand is called Brevno siberian eyewear, which means nothing to me, but as I understood from Fedor, it’s Russian for log (like the piece of wood) and unfortunately in Russia it also means, that ex that wasn’t moving a lot. I am not sure if that is the reason why they put a flame torch to their eyewear but even so, it looks amazing! Check it out!!


Inspired by the limitless freedom of Siberian nature and kindness of its people, the frames by Brevno siberian eyewear are made from finest local materials like wood, aluminium and space titanium, created by experienced craftsmen, who put their soul in each frame. Along with their brand spirit and distinctive materials, BREVNO frames are equipped with high-end German hinges and polarized lenses. The variety of their designs fit to both traditional customers and fashion lovers like Giula here!

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Brand: Brevno siberian eyewear
Designer: Fedor Smirnov
TEFtalk location: Bold Optical Fair
Eyewear displays: Top Vision Group

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