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Sophia is strolling the streets of TriBeCa, the land of celebrity-owned lofts and cute first-date spots, wearing this sophisticated frame “Tycoon” by Kata Eyewear. This double-bridged aviator with droopy lenses is adorned with decorations on its temples and lower nose bridge and beautiful end tips. It is made from the finest Japanese titanium, which is regarded as the worlds best alloy.

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Japanese titanium is lighter and stronger than traditional steel alloys and offers exceptional wear and endurance in high-end frames. Along with great flexibility and memory, this exclusive material is also hypoallergenic and anti-corrosive.


Each KATA frame is decorated with the Triangle element, which represents the three sides of the human soul. Mind, body and spirit.

The Tycoon by Kata is available in various frame and lens colors:
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TEFdoesNYC- Kata - Tycoon
TEFdoesNYC- Kata - Tycoon

In Japanese, KATA signifies the concepts of shape and form. KATA eyewear sculpts the fundamental elements of design to create collections that blur the boundaries of accessory and art. KATA is eyewear in its most essential form. With a focus on movement and function, KATA re-defines authenticity in eyewear design. The KATA eyewear collection is characterized by strong shapes with clear intentions. Finely crafted works of art that are honed to perfection.

Kata’s Tycoon model is also available as a correction frame:

[URIS id=8964]

About Kata:

Kata, since first introduced in the mid 90’s, is a Japanese collection designed around four fundamental pillars – simplicity, innovation, responsibility and authenticity, as it explores form, finish and material over adornment. Kata has been re-launch by Design Gallery with an initial men’s collection in early 2018. Established in 2014 as a division of Match Eyewear, Design Gallery is a manufacturer and distributor of premium designer eyewear, serving the high end optical and boutique market. With designer eyewear increasingly recognized as a staple in everyone’s accessory wardrobe, the appeal to provide value in terms of style, quality in manufacture and originality of design became a goal of Match Eyewear.

Shooting: TEFdoesNYC
Eyewear: Tycoon by Kata Eyewear
Models: Sophia, optometrist and eyewear blogger at The Monocle Muse

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