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If what you have in your mind about Bangkok revolve around magnificent temples and the crowded streets, we highly recommend you giving another go for this beautiful city. In recent years, Bangkok has become a new paradise for hipster.  In this city full of alleys, you will find many delicately furnished small shops, coffee shops and art districts, turning Bangkok a real artistic place with appealing cultural fascination. Recently, we discovered a very special concept eyewear store HUUU! In Siam Square which is known as “Ximending in Bangkok”. The store is decorated in a very personal style which set it apart from the whole bustling district. The two-storey unit is divided into two distinctive design. The concept of offering non-mainstream eyewear styles is very different from many local optical shops in Thailand.

When is the store established? And what is the reason behind the establishment of the store?

HUUU! is officially launched in August 2018 after our full year preparation for all details. We spent a full productive year of every single details including sourcing and screening for suppliers, studying on optical trend, conducting market & competitor analysis, etc. in order to ensure we capture unique, trendy, elite optical options and become the customers’ choices of mind.

Basically, there are 2 major reasons behind the establishment of HUUU! which are:

  1. Optical is our number one passion! Every owner of the store wears optical as another one organ in daily life! We all love collecting optical especially for special models that are unique in design, or hard to find ones.
  2. We would like to pursue our dream of Running an optical store that offering full optical solutions with excellent store atmosphere, decoration, mood and tone, and of course, product display that capture all optical fashion of the Past, Present, and Future trend!

Who is the founder of HUUU!? Please provide a brief background information of the founder?

HUUU! is the get together of 6 optical obsessed friends that has been knowing one another for over 20 years. Surprisingly, we differ in our work experience as follows:

  • Phantawat Termsinvanich (Job) has the work experience in retails businesses, who also expertise in investment. He always enjoy studying on new business opportunities.
  • Poltep Phaisuwat (Thor) runs his family business in Marine transportation whose hobbies are watches and Optical collector. He specialize in Finance and Banking.
  • Phongpat Tanphairoh (Bank) has been working on accounting for over 10 years who is expert in Finance, Accounting and management. His potential also include investment, and business analysis.
  • Prachaya Iamranond (Toy) has over 5 year experience in retails business for Optical, and Fashion items. Product specification, and market analysis are his major expertise.
  • Sasikarn Pitarangsi (May) has been working in Hotel business for over 10 years. Not only limited to Hotel management, but her another expertise also include online Sales & Marketing.
  • Noppadol Patcharawaraporn (Nuk) – is the commercial director who is also an expert in Product designing.

What is the shop philosophy?

Our philosophy is quite simple – it’s ‘HUUU’…which is inspired by our store name. In Thai, ‘HUUU’ is an expression of wonder, surprise and fascination about something great /or over- expectation. Believing in this philosophy, we try to form our store with full optical solutions, together with excellent store atmosphere, decoration, mood and tone, product display, as well as servicing – to ensure our customers express ‘HUUU’ since the moment they got into the store.

Please introduce to us the design of the store.

HUUU’s 2 zones are:

LIFESTYLE SPACE zone – a collection of luxury, fresh and trendy models. Also, we offer the limited edition pieces that is solely provided in HUUU! store, not elsewhere! We designedly desire to create a solid impression in customers’ mind when entering into this zone. Yet, we choose a ‘minimal’ decoration style – using circle shape and aluminums with lighting as the reference for Optical shape.

VINTAGE FOREST zone – As remarkable as its name, our vintage zoning is located on 3rd Floor – where all vintage lovers should never miss to pay a visit! Full line up of rare, vintage eyewear items from earnest collectors.‘Classic with style’ is our concept for decorating this zone. Our display shelf is specially designed to express the preciousness of the vintage items, which in some term could be related to the preciousness of jewelry items.

How would you describe the brands of your store? Are you sourcing for new brands?

We have set several criteria/ standard for sourcing various brands for our store because we want to make sure our customers find the right choice upon their needs. We pay attention to all details when selecting each brand, for instance, product design, uniqueness, and refinement. Currently, we are looking into some possible handcraft US brand which will be launched soon in HUUU.

Please share with us some noteworthy frames.

PERCY LAU – ROTATION. We can say it is one of the tangibly arts that compatible with daily life. ROTATION is well designed by using gold circle stainless steel, coated with clear crystal acetate – which create its unique, and charming pattern.

MATSUDA – Luxury/ Hi-end Japanese brand which has the on-going production in Japan since Year 1967. It is made from premium grade materials, with handcraft arms, titanium frames. Others precious materials include acetate, titanium, silver sterling, and 18K gold, etc.

TAVAT – PANTOS M / MODEL. SC003. Designed by Norman Schureman – one of the famous designer/ instructors. With its TLT technology lenses: Melanin Lenses which is TAVAT’s patent, it provides a 100% UV protection, and also enhance an evening & night visualization – recommended for night time driving purposes that requires long distance visual support.

CHANEL (0194994305). In Year 1993, Chanel launched its most remarkable eyewear collection from Pret-a-Porter Collection / Spring Collection. This collection is considered rare items and highly demanded by most fashionistas, and vintage collectors. As updated, there are only less than 10 pieces available in Thailand at the moment!


How do you view the eyewear market in Thailand?

Earlier, we see some limitation in Thailand eyewear market as most stores share common eyewear patterns/ brands, with common store concept and decoration. Therefore, it inspired us to establish new concept eyewear store that differ from others stores in all aspects!


HUUU! Shop Address:

258/15 FL. 2-3, Soi Siam Square 3, Rama I Rd., Pathumwan

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